Why women should regularly go through reproductive health check-up


Posted at Mar 08 2023 10:59 PM

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MANILA - An obstetrician and gynecologist shared the common issues in a woman's reproductive health on Wednesday, International Women's Day.

According to Dr. Elsie Pascua of St. Luke’s Medical Center, the most common lumps that can be found in a woman’s reproductive system are myoma, and ovarian and vaginal cyst.

Although 80 percent of women have these lumps, Pascua assured that there is nothing to be afraid of as they may be functional or physiologic, not cancerous, and most likely harmless.

"Usually myomas, they are asymptomatic, walang sintomas. Pero 'pag lumalaki na siya or nagkakaroon na ng symptom like kunyari malakas na pagdugo, yung regla niya nagbabago yung pattern—humahaba, or in between your menstruation (ay) nagkakaroon ka ng vaginal spotting, mag-iisip ka na," Pascua said on TeleRadyo.

Enlargement of the belly, pressure symptoms like frequent urination, constipation, bloatedness, and dysmenorrhea are among signs to consult a doctor.

Yet even without symptoms, Pascua highly encouraged women to regularly visit a gynecologist once they have reached the age of 20.

Cynthia, a guest on the show, shared her over-bloated stomach, which Pascua identified as a possible symptom of ovarian cancer.

To treat a case similar to Cynthia's, evaluation such as the use of a CT scan, ultrasound, blood tests, and an internal examination by a gynecologist must be conducted.

"Through those panels of tests, you can be able to see kung ano talaga yung problema. Kadalasan pagka may ganiyang mga bukol, you explore or (do) exploratory laparotomy. You have to open up and do surgery," said Pascual.

Medical attention, particularly surgery, only needs to be done if the patient has symptoms, she said.

Pascual prescribes healthy living through proper diet and regular exercise, as well as regular visits to gynecologists, as preventive measure.

- TeleRadyo, 8 March 2023