Mobile Legends: Draft bug fails to stop Onic from beating Smart Omega


Posted at Sep 25 2021 03:03 AM

MANILA - Onic Philippines came out on top against Smart Omega in a Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League (MPL) match that spanned hours, after a glitch affected their clash Friday. 

Most of Game 1 was an even match, but a lord take and Kairi "Kairi" Rayosdelsol's Aulus going on a mega kill at the 16th minute gave Onic enough momentum to draw the first set point. 

It was a one-sided affair for Smart Omega in Game 2, with the squad dominating the 11-minute fight to equalize. 

Onic's players were already midway through drafting their players when a bug affected their picks, prompting the game to halt for more than an hour. The match resumed at around 9 in the evening, with organizers prompting to do a redraft for fairness. 

Omega was dominating the early to mid-game in Game 3 in terms of kills and turrets and looked to win as the game crept closer to their "18 minute curse" marker. But a couple of lord in favor of Onic gave the opponents enough breathing space to catch up. 

Onic eventually won the 20-minute game 3, with Kairi's Aulus taking the MVP plum coming out unscathed and with seven kills and five assists.

The win kept Onic at second place with 19 points, next to defending champions Blacklist International, while Smart Omega remain at 6th place with 10 points, next to Nexplay EVOS at 5th and Bren at 7th place. 

Meanwhile, Bren Esports repeated Sunday night's win against Nexplay EVOS with another 2-1 victory for Friday's last match. 

Nexplay took the long Game 1 after mounting a comeback capped off with a team fight that allowed them to take down two Bren players at the late-game. Bren mounted a comeback of their own and equalized in Game 2 thanks to a wipe-out and a lord take 16 minutes in. 

Game 3 was a low-kill game for both squads, but Bren taking out their objectives faster than their foes gave them enough advantage to secure the series and Bren's second win in a row.