‘Know that all feelings are valid’: Maureen Wroblewitz opens up about mental health


Posted at Sep 04 2021 10:12 PM

Photo from Maureen Wroblewitz Instagram account
Photo from Maureen Wroblewitz Instagram account

Miss Universe Philippines candidate and Star Magic artist Maureen Wroblewitz revealed going through depression and anxiety, as she opened up about mental health on social media. 

On Instagram, Wroblewitz posted some snaps of her short trip in Pangasinan to take a break. 

According to “Asia’s Next Top Model” winner, she had kept her silence on the challenges she went through every day, contrary to what she usually posts on her social media accounts. 

“I have realized that in this new journey of mine I have been my worst competitor. I have always been. I pressure myself to improve, but it only hurts me,” Wroblewitz said. 

“It is OK not to be OK. It is OK to be sad and cry. It is OK to feel unmotivated and unproductive. We need to acknowledge what we are feeling and know that all our feelings are valid.”

Wroblewitz acknowledged trying not to talk about her mental health, as she was embarrassed about her feelings but has since realized the importance of speaking up and assuring others they are not alone. 

“To whoever needs to hear this right now, know that you are not battling this alone. I wish I knew that when I was suffering from depression and anxiety (I still do). I wish I knew that all my feelings are valid,” she said. 

The beauty queen hopeful also realized how gratitude boosts one’s happiness amid these trying times. 

“I have had one very important realization during these difficult times and that is the importance of gratitude,” Wroblewitz said. 

“Being grateful is so important and it can indeed boost your happiness. Being grateful for the little things and to savor everything.”

She has also learned to make peace with her past experiences and avoid dwelling on them by thanking her struggles for making her the person that she is today, “a strong, kind, and beautiful person.”

Wroblewitz recently made it to the final cut of Miss Universe Philippines 2021 where she will have the chance to succeed the reigning queen Rabiya Mateo.