‘We have to let go’: Fans thank JaDine for years of memories, as Nadine’s song finally brings them ‘closure’


Posted at Nov 02 2021 07:53 PM | Updated as of Nov 02 2021 08:13 PM

Nadine Lustre and James Reid via ABS-CBN/Careless Music
Left: Nadine Lustre and James Reid officially became a couple shortly before their ‘OTWOL’ concert in February 2016, where the latter publicly declared his love for her. Right: Lustre appears in her music video for ‘Wait For Me,’ about letting go and moving on. ABS-CBN/Careless Music

MANILA — Nadine Lustre’s latest single, “Wait For Me,” is officially described as a track that “cuts through the ambiguous as it directly tackles the real-life experience of separating from a lover.”

Through the song, Lustre also “introspects on what it means to forge her own path.”

Until recently, the singer-actress had long been identified with her former reel and real-life partner James Reid. They announced their breakup in January 2020, after nearly four years as a couple.

“Wait For Me” addresses the former lover, and talks of letting go, as they pursue different directions. The chorus’ lyrics go:

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Need a little time to think
You don’t gotta wait for me
You can do your own thing
While I do some work on me

I don’t wanna make a mess of your love
And I can’t be the one that’s holding you up
You can do your own thing
You don’t gotta wait for me

In the year that followed their separation, Lustre and Reid remained on good terms, as seen in their long-term collaboration, notably on Lustre’s album, and their joint interviews.

Frequent sightings of them together only served to fuel speculation of a rekindled romance.

That is, until August this year, when Lustre was first rumored to be dating anew.

The release of “Wait For Me” over the weekend came amid persistent reports that Lustre is in a relationship, and amid a career transition marked by her reunion project with Viva Entertainment, in an apparent legal ceasefire.

The song also premiered a week after Reid starred in the music video of Zack Tabudlo’s “Para Sa Mga Ex,” where he portrayed a man struggling to move on after a breakup. 

Around the same time, Reid put up again his announcement that he is selling a Quezon City house, which he had shared with Lustre when they were still together. 

Whereas before, fans of the former couple had reason to hope that they would get back together, now — in their words — they finally have “closure” drawn from Lustre’s personal lyrics heard in “Wait For Me.”

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Here are some of the reactions of loyal “JaDine” fans to the single, as shared through their comments on the song’s official music and lyric videos:

I believe that some things are "meant to be," but it is up to each person to "make it last." Perhaps the word "forever" refers to memories rather than people. We may be disappointed that it came to an end, but we should be grateful that it occurred. I'm now signing off as a Jadine fan and instead start supporting them individually. They both are unique individuals who should be treated as such. I am proud of how far they've become and glad that at least they remained friends. We should be grateful that they are still on good terms and help each other out, rather than becoming like those exes who have beef and start throwing shade at each other after the breakup. They have been an inspiration to me up until now, and I'd never regret the day that I began to stan them. Thank you and goodbye Jadine, hello Nadine & James! – Louila Morilla

Eto na yung closure na inaantay ko! Kung kayo talaga sa huli, tadhana na magbibigay daan balang araw… Grow and be happy Nadine and James! – Lil Faimma

I think this is the closure we [are] looking for. To all JaDine fans, I think this is a song that perfectly fits us. We should loosen the grip in supporting them as partner or love team and hold tight in supporting them individually! love y'all. We are the best! – Angel Joy Obello

Ewan ko lang ah pero tagos sa puso 'tong kantang 'to. Habang pinapakinggan ko 'to nagfa flashback yung mga memories nila ni james. Parang ang layo na ng narating nilang dalawa then bigla nalang wala na. From Diary ng Panget, Talk Back and You're Dead, On the Wings of Love, 'Til I Met You at iba pa nilang teleserye at movie, fan talaga nila ko. Parang nasasaktan din ako the way na kantahin ni Nadine yung song, siguro dama din ni James yon. They [will] always be my favorite! Kahit na they parted ways, susuportahan ko pa rin ang bawat isa sa. Btw I'm happy for you Nadz, seeing you happy is what I've been praying for. – Sherynil Aquino

Why do I feel so [broken]? The fact that the lyrics must be the exact words Nadine wants to say to James is breaking my heart. It's like it's a farewell song to their almost happy ending but not literally saying goodbye. Until now, I'm still broken about the fact that they're no longer together. I'm still waiting for something from them, more like a closure. Nevertheless, my JaDine heart will always love and support both of them. – Joanna Carla Cantano

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As a JaDine fan, it was really hard to let go [of] the love team you supported ever since. But they are ok na eh, I mean as James and Nadine. Indeed, the closure we are looking for. I would definitely support whatever path they will both take. – Trisha Anne De Jesus

The lyrics and the emotions in her voice hit hard. I wanted to cry but no, I know I had to move on. I just wish them both genuine happiness... – Ella

To be honest though it hurt so bad, I felt the peace and healing. Soon enough we (JaDine fans) can accept and understand everything. everything has a reason, let's just hope and pray for brighter days. – Wayne Rongavilla

I hope fans will stop linking Nadine to James. She is no longer a member of the love team, but rather her own person. Ms. Nadine, after all, is building herself. Let's give her credit for her accomplishments as a solo artist. Ms. Nadine has proven time and time again that she is capable of doing anything she sets her mind to. Kudos! – Ely

I think she’s becoming the person that she wants to be, not the person that everyone expects her to be. It’s a heartbreaking yet heartfelt song. The feels. – Ma Christina Pascual

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Okay na mami na bunot na yong tinik sa dibdib ko. Been a JaDine fan since Day 1, Nadine specifically. Now I guess it's time to move on. I'll be following both of you on your separate journeys. Ang sakit, feeling ko nakipag break ako sa boyfriend ko kahit wala naman ako non. I love you even more, both of you. – Dean Cecasiano

This song feels so personal. As a JaDine fan we have lived every memory with them. Now when it's the starting of their new era, this is the closure we all needed. – Tori Khakalary

I've already listened to this a few times pero bakit habang inuulit-ulit ko yung nauang feeling na ang sakit-sakit... Ngayon unti-unting may acceptance na. I am truly a #JaDine fan but I love them individually, whether they're together or not. – Busy Mumzzzy

This song feels like the last goodbye of Nadine to James, to JaDine. I can't help but cry because I am a fan since Diary ng Panget and until naging sila officially then they broke up almost 2 yearrs ago na. James is selling his house full of memories with Nadine while Nadine is living her own happiness. Same goes with James. They were each other's best friends, lovers, partners. The laughter and tears andun na lahat eh. But just like this song, we too, will have to let go na and just be happy for them... Thank you Nadine and James for the memories. Actually, I can relate because I have someone na parang James Reid ng buhay ko. Pero I can't be the one he wants eh. Hanggang dito nalang… – Esdeath Deathdealer

I think this is what I'm waiting for to exit "Jadine World." Thank you for the memories James and Nadine (also JaDines). Signing off as a JaDine fan. It's hard. We JaDines are still in shock because we still rely on even small things that might be possible but this is the truth. We accept it. So, I'm now a fan of James and Nadine (separately) I will still support both of you as I support your love team before. Thank you for the very nice stories we have created together. – Mikee C.