After releasing 2 singles, Maris Racal hints at working on an EP


Posted at Sep 25 2021 04:55 PM

Screenshot from BJ Pascual's YouTube account
Screenshot from BJ Pascual's YouTube account

After the release of her two singles this year, actress and singer Maris Racal revealed she is now working on an upcoming extended play.

In a vlog released by celebrity lensman BJ Pascual, Racal opened up about the challenges in putting up a pop album amid a health crisis. 

“So hard to release pop album pag kulang ’yung tao. Lahat ng music videos, styling, kami kami lang. ’Yung EP ko is a way for me to express myself and emotions na gusto ko,” she told Pascual. 

The special vlog episode coincided with Racal’s 24th birthday celebration, where she turned heads with her fierce “wet look” photos. 

Asked about her birthday wishes, the actress said she always prays for the Philippines before her career. 

“Matigil na itong lahat. Itigil na ’yung suffering ng Pilipinas. That's always my number 1. Aside from that, sa career ko naman, I hope to find a breakthrough, like malaman ng mga tao ’yung songs ko or movie,” she said. 


A post shared by Maris Racal (@mariesteller)


A post shared by Maris Racal (@mariesteller)


A post shared by Maris Racal (@mariesteller)

Racal also talked about her social media presence, having been active on several platforms such as YouTube and TikTok. 

But according to the performer, she tries to keep a balance in using social media, making sure her sanity remains intact. 

“Ang hirap ng social media game. Mahirap siya i-balance. ’Yung priority ko to keep my sanity . . . Hindi ko na inisip ’yung perception ng tao sa’kin. Di ko na ’yun inisip, ’yung material things. I want to show my individuality,” Racal said.

Just months after the release of her hit song "Ate Sandali", Racal launched another single "Asa Naman" on Wednesday. 

Racal’s latest song was co-produced again by Balcony Entertainment, which is owned by the actress’ boyfriend, Rico Blanco, and Sony Music Philippines.

The same music labels co-produced her last song “Ate Sandali,” which was released in June.

The couple first teamed up for the 2019 song "Abot Langit," after Blanco replied to Racal’s tweet looking for people to collaborate with. 

Since then, he produced the actress’ 2020 songs "Not For Me" and "Kahit Na Anong Sablay."