Mobile Legends: Execration barges in MPL7 finals after sweeping Aura PH

Angela Coloma, ABS-CBN News

Posted at May 30 2021 04:52 PM

MANILA - Execration are going to the Grand Finals of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League - Season 7 as they sweep Aura PH in a 3-0 upset. 

It was arguably one of Execration’s best matches as it was the first time in the playoff series that they had not reached Game 5, and the first time a sweep happened the entire playoff series. 

This was also the third time in the series that Execration beat a squad coming off the upper bracket following wins against world champs Bren Esports and last year’s runner up Smart Omega in 3-2 thrillers over the week. 

In the middle of a Lord clash in the 20th minute, Joshua “Ch4knu” Mangilog signature Khufra was able to eke out a Tyrant’s Rage, giving Grant “Kelra" Duane Pillas's Claude enough opening to put out his Blazing Duet and kill 2 of Aura PH’s 3 players around the area. 

In between, Aura PH was able to take the Lord. But the lack of manpower compared to a complete Execration lineup allowed last year’s third placers to easily take Aura’s base and draw first blood in the series. 

In the 30th minute of Game 2, Kiel “Kielvj” VJ Hernandez’s Ling and Renz “Renzio” Errol Cadua’s Benedetta had tried to split push as the rest of Execration gathered for a Lord fight. Frederic Benedict "Bennyqt" A. Gonzales's Esmeralda recalled to their base and tried to stop the split push, managing to shut down Kielvj. 

But at the time Execration was able to take out the Lord and Jaypee "Jaypee" Dela Cruz's Chou. 

In the end, the Lord summon gave Execration the upper hand and put the squad at match point. 

Aura PH took the objectives to get an early-game advantage in Game 3, wiping out all of Execration’s turrets in the top lane in the process. 

But in a Lord clash 9 minutes in, Ch4knu’s Rafaela and Kielvj’s Claude wiped out 3 Aura PH players and swung the momentum in favor of their squad. 

Kielvj was able to put out a triple kill when a Lord clash happened in the 20 minute mark, leaving Aura PH with only 2 players. 

Lord Hadess managed to knock out the Lord to leverage Aura PH’s chances and provide them extra manpower but it was too late as Renzio, Patrick “E2MAX” James Caidic, and Kielvj had was already close enough to destroy their base. 

Aura had lost Kielvj and Renzio pre-season, adding Bennyqt and Lord Hadess to their roster, who hailed from Cignal Ultra. Amid the roster revamp, however, Aura PH ended their league campaign on top of Group A, next to Bren Esports at 26 points, and started in the upper bracket playoffs.

Before this, they were defeated by Blacklist International in the upper bracket finals. They will end their MPL - Philippines Season 7 campaign at 3rd place. 

Execration is set to face Blacklist International in the Grand Finals happening tonight. They will also qualify for the ML:BB Southeast Asian Cup happening early June. 


Renz “Renzio” Errol Cadua
Patrick “E2MAX” James Caidic
Kiel “Kielvj” VJ Hernandez
Joshua “Ch4knu” Mangilog
Grant “Kelra" Duane Pillas
Billy ”Z4pnu" Jazha Alfonso 

Christian Provido "Rafflesia" Fajura
Allen Jedric "Greed_" O. Baloy
Ashley Marco "Killuash" Dungo Cruz
Jaypee "Jaypee" Dela Cruz
Frederic Benedict "Bennyqt" A. Gonzales
Jaymark Aaron "Lord Hadess" Tomas Lazaro