WATCH: Maggie Wilson gives Mimiyuuuh's bedroom a makeover


Posted at Nov 04 2020 12:34 PM


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MANILA -- Maggie Wilson has given Mimiyuuuh's bedroom a Bali-inspired makeover. 

The former beauty queen, who studied interior design at School of Fashion and the Arts, recently uploaded a vlog showing the process of transforming Mimiyuuuh's sleeping space.

She said she approached the vlogger and influencer through their common friend, fashion designer Mark Bumgarner.

"When I found out that Mimi bought a new house, I immediately contacted our common friend, Mark Bumgarner, and I asked him if he could reach out to Mimi and connect us," the host and entrepreneur said, adding that she is happy that Mimiyuuuh accepted her offer to redesign his bedroom.

Noting that Mimiyuuuh wanted "the raw kind of look," Wilson used wallpaper with a cement-style finish, added wood elements, and used shades of black and gray.

"We chose to use wallpaper instead because it's super easy to apply, it's affordable, and it takes less time to do it, as opposed to doing a cement-finished wall," she said. 

The founder of the specialty home store Acasa Manila placed a frame around the barn door in the room to "make it a little extra," and had some of the vlogger's photos printed for a personal touch.

Mimiyuuuh for the most part allowed Wilson to do her magic in transforming his bedroom, but the vlogger had one other request: to retain his iconic pink plastic cabinet "because it is part of who I am."

He was visibly ecstatic upon seeing the results of the makeover: "'Oh my God, am I in Bali?' No, I'm in my room.' You know what I'm saying?"

Watch how Mimiyuuuh's bedroom was redesigned by Wilson in the video below:

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