WATCH: Sharon Cuneta shows part of luxury bag collection


Posted at Nov 03 2020 01:40 PM

MANILA -- After giving a glimpse of her watch collection, Sharon Cuneta showed some of her favorite luxury bags.

In her latest vlog, the country's "Megastar" shared a combination of bags that she liked because of the design and color, and some "sentimental" pieces.

She made it clear that she collected the bags "over many, many years" as she reminded her viewers to manage their money wisely.

"Pinaghirapan, so kailangan minsan enjoy mo rin. Kasi like I always say, money should be your slave, you shouldn't be enslaved by your money. Do not ever allow yourself to be a slave to your money. So tama lang 'yung you spoil yourself sometimes, tapos be smart and save sometimes for something that you will need," she said. 

"But always, always have more money for the things that you need and do not spend more money than you have to for the things that you only want," she added.

The bags Cuneta showed in her vlog were mostly from the brands Hermes and Louis Vuitton, with a vintage Chanel bag added to the mix. 

Spotted were Hermes Birkin bags in shades of black, epsom periwinkle, rose lipstick, and bleu brighton.

The "Megastar" called on her viewers to give her any leads to anyone who has an Hermes bag -- whether it's a Birkin or a Kelly -- in a sakura pink color.

"I really, really am looking for a sakura pink bag. I can trade my bubble gum with you or I can buy your sakura from you, whether it's used or new. I'm looking for a sakura pink Birkin, please. Or a Kelly. It doesn't matter as long as it's sakura," she said.

As for the Louis Vuitton bags in her curated collection, these include an Amarante Monogram Vernis Melrose Avenue in burgundy, a Brea in purple crocodile leather, a Capucines PM in pearl gray crocodile leather, a black Twist PM, and a Damier that her mother used before she passed away.

"This one is my mom's Louis Vuitton. It was the last bag that she used when she was rushed to the hospital until the day she passed away," she said of her mother, Elaine Gamboa-Cuneta, who died in 2014.

Meanwhile, Cuneta also showed a white chain bag from Chanel which, she said, has been with her for at least three decades.

"This is a very special bag. It is a Chanel that you might have seen me wearing in magazines 30 years ago. And I have kept it pristine," she said. 

Check out part of Cuneta's luxury bag collection in the video below:

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