‘Aaay, ostrich!’ Hilarious (and political) reactions to ‘Jumanji’ scene in QC, compiled

Miguel Dumaual, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Aug 04 2020 07:47 PM

MANILA — An ostrich running loose inside a gated subdivision in Quezon City -- this was the bizarre image that amused Filipinos online Tuesday, with many being reminded of the adventure film series “Jumanji.”

In fact, the film title, as well as “ostrich,” ranked among the top Twitter trends in the Philippines for hours, as videos of the animal running along a street and being prevented from leaving the village gate went viral.

In the original “Jumanji” released in 1995, wild animals are magically transported to the city as the consequence of playing the titular board game.

The unusual sight, this time in real life, generated memes — and political commentary — on social media. (See the compilation below.)

Angkas, the ride-hailing service, offered the promo code “OSTRICH” after one of its riders, wearing the official helmet, was spotted in one of the viral clips. Filbar’s, the gaming store, used a photo of the ostrich for a fresh poster promoting its Jumanji merchandise.



The ostrich also drew comparisons with quarantine-violating government officials, as the animal was seen turning around after being told by the village security guard it didn’t have a “gate pass.”

“Oustrich,” meanwhile, became the latest popular pun among critics of the administration, following the trending hashtag #OustTheTurtle.

The animal, according to the village association, is being kept by one of its residents. It has since been brought back to a “fenced property,” an official told ABS-CBN News, after photos of the ostrich being captured also circulated online.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, or PETA, meanwhile offered to move the ostrich to a “sanctuary,” as it reminded the public that wild animals held in captivity are “invariably stressed” and are deprived of its natural “habitat and relationships.”

Here’s a look at other reactions to the ostrich situation, from political to hilarious: