How Puey Quiñones designs for the First Family


Posted at May 26 2023 03:00 PM

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MANILA -- Fashion designer Puey Quiñones kicked off a series of events at the Goldenberg Mansion near Malacanang with a fashion show spearheaded by First Lady Liza Araneta-Marcos. 

"It's called 'Filipino' because we are trying to promote the Filipino culture, fashion, textile and our Filipino owned aesthetic," Quiñones told ANC's "Headstart" on Friday "it's the First Lady's project together with Patrick Rosas and they want to do a series of events inside the Goldenberg Mansion, parang different from fashion to arts."

According to Quiñones the event which he described as a celebration of his works, showcased pieces he did abroad, as well as a new collection he did using indigenous materials. 

"Also I want to show audience the evolution of my design since I started. So some of them were inspired from when I was starting until I transitioned and then I moved to the States. So it's a different collection," he said.
Aside from professional models, Quiñones also chose specific personalities to walk the runway.

"I want to show the versatility of my work. So it's not only for models. At the same time it's honoring my muses, my patrons who continually supports me," he said.

Quiñones said the event was also important to him because it was the first time that his mother was able to watch his show.
 Dressing the First Family

Quiñones is known for creating the barongs of President Ferdinand Marcos Jr., the suits of Congressman Sandro Marcos, as well as the dresses of the First Lady. 

"They wanted to have the President to have a signature look. Modern but not too much, not ostentatious. So we decided to have that kind of look, like a barong shirt jack. It looks good on him so we decided that it can be his uniform," Quiñones said.

Asked how he designs for the First Lady, Quiñones said: "She's the best and super easy to work with. As long as she just feel comfortable then that's good for her. She just wants to feel comfortable."

"She always wants to infuse local materials on her dresses," he added, noting that the First Lady has been very supportive and pushing to promote local textiles.

Over a decade ago, Quiñones was involved in a fashion controversy. But after years of doing his best to bounce back, he believes he has recovered.

Currently, he has a showroom in Los Angeles. 

"Just keep doing what you love. For me as long as you respect yourself, you respect your work and you give 100% love to what you do I think whatever happens to you can you always move on. Always remember, whatever happens, it's the lesson that you have to learn and continue learning because we are here to learn," Quiñones said.