Winwyn Marquez opens up about postpartum struggles


Posted at May 16 2022 03:59 PM

MANILA -- Former beauty queen Winwyn Marquez feels like she is in a totally different world after giving birth to her first child, Luna. 

In an Instagram post, the Reina Hispanoamericana 2017 titleholder opened up about her postpartum struggles, which included crying for days as she copes with the pressures of motherhood.

"Thirty-nine weeks and five days ako pregnant and ibang klase ang journey. But ngayon na Luna is with us, ibang mundo na," Marquez said.

"There are times that I find myself fold under the pressure of it all and cry for days," she added, referring to her experience two weeks postpartum.

Marquez said her struggles made her realize that she should not be afraid to ask for help, and is thankful that she has the support of her partner, family, and friends.

"Even if I think I can do everything alone and be a super mom (like I imagined while being pregnant) with my newborn, I can't yet," she admitted. "Laking tulong [na] may kausap na kaibigan and family, laking tulong na supportive ang partner."

The actress also expressed optimism that things "will be a little easier as days go by," and took the opportunity to publicly reassure new moms like her. 

"I know a lot of new moms na-experience din 'to sa unang stage and gusto ko kayong i-hug! Hindi madali... madaming questions and fears, pero please remember you are not alone. We can do this, mama, para kay baby kakayanin!" she ended.