Ernie Lopez to co-host G Diaries with wife Michelle


Posted at May 14 2021 11:21 PM

Ernie Lopez to co-host G Diaries with wife Michelle 1
Photo courtesy: ANCX

MANILA - ABS-CBN's Ernie Lopez will soon be joined by his wife Michelle on G Diaries, a lifestyle show that showcases environmental preservation and the rebuilding of communities in the Philippines.

The G diaries tapped Michelle - a former hospital manager - to join as a host of the program after a year of helping the ABS-CBN executive shoot his spiels at home during lockdown.

"The whole goal of the show is to change the world together," Ernie told ANC's Headstart.

"You don't have to be rich. You don't need to have a lot of land. You don't need to have high education. You just give what you have and you change the world," he said.

The new season of G Diaries will feature foundations all over the Philippines, Michelle said.

"Nobody can replace Gina. What we can do is bring her mission and the same heart to the show," she said, referring to the late Environment Secretary Gina Lopez, who created the show.

"So we want to put little Ginas in everybody... So that their love... it could start small and then if you start small, it becomes big," she said.

Just like G Diaries, Ernie and Michelle's love story was instigated by Gina Lopez.

Shortly after meeting inside a hospital, Gina has already decided that Michelle - who has been separated for 2 decades - would be perfect for her youngest brother.

"My family, sila naman ang unang na-in love kay Michelle," Ernie said.

"They fell in love ahead of me. They're the ones who convinced me. They're very, very happy," he said.

While the couple is still on their honeymoon stage after their recent intimate garden ceremony in Hillsborough, California, both Ernie and Michelle are aware that their union must be purposeful.

"She makes me happy. I make her happy, but that's not enough. There has to be a deeper purpose," he said.

"We can't just be recipients of blessings. We have to be a channel of blessings. We can't just be here to make each other happy," he said.


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