Andi Manzano soon to be mom of three girls

Leah C. Salterio

Posted at Mar 02 2023 04:28 PM

Andi Manzano was recently introduced as the first brand ambassador of Mama’s Choice Philippines
Andi Manzano was recently introduced as the first brand ambassador of Mama’s Choice Philippines

MANILA --- Former radio and TV host Andi Manzano has been out of the limelight ever since she tied the knot with businessman GP Reyes nearly a decade ago.

Manzano has been taking care of her family, as she now has two daughters – Olivia, 8; and Amelia, 4 – with the third one arriving this May.

“It’s another girl,” Manzano told ABS-CBN News. “Me and my husband are still debating on what to name her. The baby is due this May.”

“I’m super blessed because my pregnancies have been very easy, nothing serious,” she added.

She has prepared her two girls for her third pregnancy. “This pandemic has brought them so close, so they wanted another baby,” Manzano disclosed. “Well, they are getting one. They’ve always wanted a baby again.

“It’s on the Christmas wish list of my eldest daughter. She wanted a baby boy. After Christmas, when we told her that I was expecting, she started crying. She said, ‘That is what I’ve been praying for.’”

Married life has been challenging for Manzano. “But very fun,” she insisted. “Marriage is not a walk in the park. It’s a thing you really work on every day. It has been fun because the kids make it fun.”

Motherhood and parenting take 24 hours of Manzano’s time. When she got married, she gave up hosting. But lately, she has been doing a lot of social media activities.

“I basically document our life,” she said. “Having two girls is already so much fun. You have your mini-me's.

“That time at night for me is just really so precious, because my daughters and I get to really spend quality time together. We keep ourselves updated about what happened in their school.”

The 35-year-old Manzano did not hide the fact that age is apparently catching up on her.

“This is my third child, so I’m getting back pains and more tired,” she admitted. “I have two other kids around, so I have to be more active because of them.

“They are very kikay girls, so every time I’m in my dresser, they join me and they end up putting make up or fixing up. When I dress up, they help me fix my clothes.

“One thing that I really enjoy every night, we cuddle for a long time. That our time together.”

Manzano was recently introduced as the first brand ambassador of Mama’s Choice Philippines, a new line of products for babies and moms from Singapore.

“The products are all natural, safe and fun,” announced Mama’s Choice marketing director Aimee Marcos. “Andi and I have been friends for a long time, so I’m excited to be ninang on this one. Andi is our chief mama officer for Mama’s Choice.”

When Manzano discovered she was pregnant for the third time, she called Marcos, who sent her a whole line of products from Mama’s Choice.

“That was super exciting and I’ve been trying the products,” Manzano said. “I’m very particular with the products I use because I have very sensitive skin.

“I was born with very sensitive skin and I’m allergic to a lot of things. I think that got worst and it heightened when I got pregnant.”

Manzano relies on all natural products with all natural ingredients that she uses for moisturizing.

“In every pregnancy, my allergies go to the roof. The food that I eat, the smell. When I use Mama’s Choice, it’s really a good product and I enjoy it.

“When you start breastfeeding and you have a very sensitive nipples that get so sore, you want to keep on moisturizing. You want to find a product that’s good for you.

“Mama’s Choice has a stretchmark cream and they even have the belly band for your posture. They even have a cute diaper bag.”

For the past two pregnancies, Manzano craved for fish, chicken and vegetables. “But for this one, I always want to have steak and chocolate milk,” she said.

Her parenting tip for new moms is really to enjoy every moment, relax and not to stress out.

“Not to worry because sometimes, you get so overwhelmed with everything that has been happening,” Manzano said. “Just know that the best person to mother your child is you.”

Next week, Manzano and her husband are going on their first trip together without their kids. “We’re going to Japan,” she said. “We need to bond and get to know each other again. Our marriage has been wonderful.

“My husband and I we love playing golf. We eat out a lot and we watch a lot of movies together. GP’s love language is words. He’s very sweet and always knows the right words to say. Me, I’m more of service. I do a lot of things.”

Manzano’s husband grew up with brothers. “That’s why he’s so happy that he’s having three girls soon. He has five brothers and one sister.

“When we had the first girl, that was the first girl in their family after 35 years. Now, we gave them three more girls.

“I also grew up with sisters. We’re four girls in the family, one brother. I really thought I would be having another girl, because it was like raising my three sisters. If I had a boy, I wouldn’t know how to raise a boy.

“I have a brother who’s close to my age, but if I have a girl again, I feel that it would be easy because God trained me for it.”

Manzano is also thankful that her mom, Rose, is very hands-on in rearing her daughters. 

“My children are like her children, as well,” Manzano said. “My eldest is the first apo. My mom lives very far. She stays in Antipolo, while I live in the south.

“Every time I need her, she will just drop anything that she’s doing. Anything for her grandchildren, everything for me.”

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