Nadine Lustre no longer in touch with James Reid


Posted at Dec 02 2022 01:05 PM

MANILA -- Actress Nadine Lustre said she is a completely different person now.

Appearing on ANC's Headstart on Friday, Lustre opened up about being on her own after the successful chapter of her career with love team partner and former boyfriend, actor James Reid. 

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"Completely different. Like even different from the one that you've met last year. Completely different from the Nadine last year. I'm growing everyday. I'm learning new things, discovering a lot of new things about myself," Lustre said.

"I mean every time I look back, I always think to myself na parang that person was a different Nadine," added Lustre, who admitted that she's no longer in touch with Reid.

"He's very busy and so am I. So we don't really have time to see each other or talk to each other," Lustre said.

Reid and Lustre broke up in 2020. Lustre is now in a relationship with French-Filipino businessman Christophe Barious. Reid, on the other hand, said he is still single.

New movie

Luste is returning to the big screen with the horror film "Deleter," which is an official entry to this year's Metro Manila Film Festival.

"I wanted to do something that's different from what I've been doing before. I'm into psychological horror films, something that's different kasi 'yung rom-com at drama ilang beses ko na ring nagawa. So I wanted to try something new. And also I wanted to challenge myself and see where I can go. I love horror films. I love films that makes you think. It's very challenging for the actors and that's the reason why I really accepted this," said Lustre, who admitted that doing the film was really taxing.

"I remember when I was shooting the climax scene of the film, every time na matatapos ang take namin, I will always tell direk, 'Direk, nakakapagod pala talaga mag-horror.' Kasi you have to stay in that emotion, you have to be afraid, you have to be in the zone. Based on my experience, in drama when the director says 'cut' you kind of let go, like even when you're crying and just get back into it... it's much easier. But in horror you're kinda have to be consistent with the fear that you are showing in the previous takes," she explained.

After "Deleter," Lustre said she's just waiting to be surprised.

"I don't like looking too far ahead just because I know things changed, you know? I'd like to be surprised. Maybe next month let's see if there's a new project coming in, tingnan natin. But definitely I'm more risky now with the things that I do. Eventually you get to life on the edge," Lustre said.

Asked if she would also take the leap and go international, Lustre replied: "I think it really depends if there's an opportunity. Right now I'm harvesting the fruits of my labor here in the Philippines. But why not? If there's an opportunity I will definitely really grab it. But for now there's so many things planned for me here, so I think want to focus on that."

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