‘This love is too beautiful to hide’: Vice Ganda holds hands with Ion in Tokyo


Posted at Nov 09 2019 07:29 PM


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MANILA—A couple of days ago, Vice Ganda lamented the sad reality that you just cannot please everybody.

The comedian did so by citing his relationship with Ion Perez as an example, saying that people have been labeling him "mayabang" ever since he became more open about their love for one another.

But these bashers be damned, Vice Ganda is not about to go back to hiding his feelings for Perez from the public eye.

In his own words: "This love is too beautiful to be kept in the closet" — the caption for a photo of them walking around Tokyo, taken from their trip to Japan this Halloween, while holding hands.


A post shared by JoseMarieViceral / Vice Ganda (@praybeytbenjamin) on

Vice Ganda's post came after an interview in which he spoke about how "freedom is blessed," and that it's "liberating" to be able to finally talk about his relationship with Perez.

He revealed that he and Perez have been together for one year.