What is ADHD? ‘PBB’ sheds light on Albie Casiño’s condition in vital episode

Miguel Dumaual, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Nov 06 2021 02:20 AM

Actor Albie Casiño  ABS-CBN
Actor Albie Casiño opens up about living with ADHD, and the challenge of adjusting to his new environment, in the November 5 episode of ‘Pinoy Big Brother.’ ABS-CBN

MANILA — In a vital episode on Friday, “Pinoy Big Brother” shed light on the condition of actor Albie Casiño, whose behavior has resulted in conflicts with his fellow housemates in recent days.

Casiño lives with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD — a topic which he brought up in a past episode, as he explained the need to regularly work out. Exercise, he said, helps address his symptoms, as it gives him something to focus on.

In the past couple of days, Casiño was unable to go about his usual routine, as all the housemates were made to live in a “punishment area,” instead of the regular house, as a consequence of their violations of house rules.

As seen in the episodes on Wednesday and Thursday, Casiño appeared to be increasingly irritable and would, in his housemates’ words, “snap,” when confronted with stressful situations.

On Day 21, now back inside the regular house, Casiño became withdrawn from his housemates, opting to be by himself — reading a book or sleeping. His housemates expressed concern, with several of them saying that while they wanted to approach him, they feared they might “trigger” a cross reaction from Casiño.

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Comedian TJ Valderrama and former DJ Karen Bordador initiated efforts to reach out to Casiño. In particular, Valderrama asked actress Alexa Ilacad to talk to Casiño, who happens to be her former co-star in “Init sa Magdamag.”

Ilacad and Casiño had not been talking since the latter shouted at her during the punishment task. For over a day, they would ignore each other, Valderrama observed.

Echoing the concerns of other housemates, Ilacad said she only worried that she might yet again be at the receiving end of his ill temper.

Ilacad did attempt to speak with Casiño, but the latter put off the conversation to another day, admitting he was “not in the mood” to be talking with anyone. His “social battery,” he later said, has been drained.

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As Casiño’s interactions and detachment were shown, “PBB’s” in-house psychologist-psychiatrist Randy Dellosa explained in detail Casiño’s condition.

“Sa taong may ADHD, anything na nakakainis sa kaniya may trigger anger. So kahit maliit na bagay na kinaiinisan niya, puwedeng lumiyab ‘yung anger na ‘yun. That’s the emotional dysregulation ng ADHD,” he said.

“This ties up with another symptom pa na impulsivity. Kung anuman ‘yung naisip nila o naramdaman, i-a-act out lang,” Dellosa added.

Among the ways the housemates can help Casiño, Dellosa said, is to be less reactive to his impulses and extreme behaviors.

“If you meet fire with fire, siyempre wala iyong papupuntahan. The best time to talk with that person about ‘yung mga behavior, is kung pag kalmado na siya,” he said.

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“Dapat malawak ang pag-unawa sa taong may ADHD. Kasi kahit i-advise sila, they will forget. Just be patient in reminding the person kung ano ang dapat niyang gawin,” Dellosa explained.

In separate conversations with Valderrama and “Kuya” inside the confession room, Casiño surmised that his new environment — sharing a home with diverse individuals, up to a month or more — simply takes time to adjust to. He also explained that not being able to exercise, which has been his main coping mechanism to release stress and re-focus, may have taken a toll on him mentally.

“I’m usually really good with people. Outside, I can be with as much people regardless of the situation, but I always have an escape when I go home,” he told Valderrama.

“Siguro, natataranta ako sa surroundings ko, kasi dito ang daming nangyayari,” Casiño told Big Brother. “May nag-jo-joke dito, may tumatawa diyan, may nagkakantahan dito, may naggi-gitara diyan. Natataranta ako and nasi-stress ako. And wala akong way para mailabas ‘yun the last few days.”

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“Hindi ako nakakapag-gym the last few days. Feeling ko iyon talaga ‘yung contributing factor doon. Hindi ko nalalabas ‘yung stress and tension sa katawan ko. Hindi ako nakakapag-center,” he said.

Big Brother told Casiño that while understands his situation completely, given he after all is all-seeing, his housemates are not the same.

“Nais kong maintindihan ka nila sa panahon na handa ka,” Kuya told Casiño. “Siguro bigyan mo ng panahon para kumustahin ang iyong housemates.”

“Hindi ko rin naman ini-expect na maging best friends ka sa lahat. Iba-iba kayo ng pinaggalingan at personalidad. Ang hiling ko lang sa ‘yo, subukan mong makisama sa paraang mas maiintindihan nila,” Big Brother said.

After his turn in the confession room, Casiño was seen approaching comedian Brenda Mage to apologize for shouting at him during a task in the punishment area.

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Whereas he completely detached prior, Casiño also now explained gently to singer Anji Salvacion his preference to be alone.

In a heartwarming moment, Casiño and music newcomer KD Estrada had a conversation about their respective challenges. The latter previously opened up about his struggle with anxiety. Casiño, too, has experienced having panic attacks, he now revealed.

“It gets so tiring sometimes,” Casiño said, as he and Estrada discussed the physical manifestations of their stress, like acid reflux and muscles tensing.

But both agreed, “We’re stronger.”

“We just have to battle it a little bit sometimes,” Casiño said.