'Attorney Woo' Park Eun-Bin shines in first fan meeting in Manila

April Benjamin, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Oct 27 2022 05:54 PM

Photo from Namoo Actors/Twitter 
South Korean actress Park Eun-bin holds her first Philippine fan meeting at the New Frontier Theater in Quezon City on October 23, 2022. Photo from Namoo Actors/Twitter 

MANILA -- South Korean actress Park Eun-bin’s first fan meeting in the Philippines was a boisterous and heart-warming celebration of her colorful acting career.

The star of the globally popular legal drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” kicked off her Asian fan meeting tour at the New Frontier Theater in Quezon City, last Sunday, October 23.

“Kumusta kayo? Ako si Park Eun-bin. Kinagagalak ko kayong makita. Salamat sa pagpunta (How are you? I am Park Eun-bin. I am glad to meet you. Thank you for coming),” Park greeted the Manila crowd after singing “Hello” by Joy from Red Velvet.

“I am very nervous, and my heart is fluttering, but I am very happy right now,” she said in Korean.

Despite the massive success of her latest project, Park admitted she was still worried that not many people will turn up to her event.

“But when I saw your energy, my worries went away,” she told fans who welcomed her with passionate cheers.

Throughout the program, Park surprised fans by her unexpected use of Filipino phrases in answering some questions from time to time.

When asked about her “today’s mood,” she said, “Ang saya-saya ko (I am very happy).” Then when asked for beauty tips, she replied with, “Maganda ba ako? Cute ba ako? (Am I pretty? Am I cute?).”

“I really want to communicate with my Filipino fans that’s why I learned some Tagalog phrases for you,” she said.

But Park made the event even more special for Filipino fans by performing “Especially for You” covered by MYMP to cap the night.

“This song is only for Filipino fans, and I will sing this only in Manila,” she said.

The 2-hour affair, which marked Park’s first encounter with fans abroad, featured various segments aimed at answering her big question: Why fans like Park Eun-bin.

“It’s my first time to meet international fans. I was curious how and when you became my fans,” Park said.

In lengthy letters and brief Post-it notes, Filipino fans generously expressed their appreciation for the award-winning actress’ diverse body of work and dedication to the craft.

“How can anyone not like Park Eun-bin,” one of the letters read. “She’s a really talented and versatile actress. She’s very passionate about her craft. And she gives her all in everything that she does.”

Photo from Namoo Actors’ Twitter
Park Eun-bin during her Philippine fan meeting. Photo from Namoo Actors’ Twitter

The fan meeting, though attended by thousands, felt personal and intimate.

Some fans shared in their letters how Park’s past dramas comforted and inspired them during their toughest seasons.

A fan wrote, “her character Song Ji-won in 'Age of Youth' comforted me when I was at my lowest point of my life, that is when I failed the board exams in 2017.”

“Thank you for saving me when I was dealing with mental health problems,” said another fan.

In turn, Park doled out advice and lessons she learned from her profession.

Echoing one of her favorite lines from “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” which goes “Though my life is unusual and peculiar, it's valuable and beautiful,” she told fans, “I hope you, too, can realize how beautiful your lives are.”

She also gave encouraging words for young people who are just starting out or still waiting for a break in their chosen careers.

“Don’t give up. Working towards your dream is the best success you can experience in your life. Enjoy the present and cheer for the future,” she said.

Park also unveiled a video that perfectly captured her versatility as an actress.

(From left) Park Eun-bin in her K-drama roles as Song Ji-won from “Hello, My Twenties,” as Lee Se-young from “Hot Stove League,” as Chae Song-ah from “Do you Like Brahms?” and as Lee Hwi from “The Kings’ Affection (Photos taken from JTBC/YouTube, SBS/YouTube, Park Eun-bin/Instagram) 

It featured some of her most beloved roles: the bright and spirited college student Song Ji-won from “Hello, My Twenties,” passionate and feisty sports team manager Lee Se-young from “Hot Stove League,” shy and timid violin student Chae Song-Ah from “Do You Like Brahms?” and reserved and stern crown prince Lee Hwi from “The King’s Affection.”

“I know that you really love, and support Woo Young-woo from ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo,’ but for now let’s keep her in the project. She’s living happily now,” she said, explaining why her recent work was excluded from the video.

She admitted that recreating some characters from years ago was challenging and she felt a bit awkward, but she still carried on with the project so she could have a special gift for the fans.

Park also treated fans to live reenactments of their favorite lines and scenes. She also enthusiastically answered questions and shared random facts about her earlier works.

The 30-year-old Korean celebrity started acting as a child and has been active in the industry for over 2 decades. She said, this was possible because “I really love my work. I really love my acting.”

She showed both confidence and humility as she talks about her craft. At one point she said, “only I can do a role like this” when talking about “The King’s Affection,” then shyly refuses to be called an “acting genius.”

Photo courtesy of PULP Live World
Park Eun-bin holds a press conference ahead of “EUN-BIN NOTE: BINKAN” fan meeting in the Philippines on October 23. Photo courtesy of PULP Live World

She talked more about her acting in a press conference hours before the fan meet.

Park shared that she became interested in acting because narration stories where popular when she was a child. She added that she liked that she could lives that are different from her own through dramas. She also expressed her hope in starring in a romance comedy series if opportunity permits.

Towards the end of the fan meeting, Park could not help but shed tears when presented with a video that showed more reasons how she and her work was deeply loved by Pinoy viewers.

“Thank you because you really understood what I was trying to show with the roles and the characters that I played,” she said.

Photo from Namoo Actors’ Instagram 
Park Eun-bin holds a banner from her Philippine fan meeting. The banner says, “The moment I met you was shiniest for me.” Photo from Namoo Actors’ Instagram 

“I received a lot of messages from Filipino fans. Whenever something good happens, you always cheer and congratulate me. Finally, I met my Filipino fans. I had a wonderful day,” Park continued.

“If I have time, I want to come back here to the Philippines… Until then, stay safe and healthy. I hope you are all happy.”

Earlier in the show, Park explained meaning of the title of the event, “Eun-bin Note: Binkan.” She said “binkan” was derived from the combination of the Korean words for “shining” and “empty space.”

That night, Park Eun-bin and her fans went home filled with glowing memories from the event.

“Eun-bin Note: Binkan” in Manila was presented by PULP Live World. The actress will hold similar events in Thailand, Singapore, and Japan.

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