TRACK RECORD: Meet the Top 4 finalists of 'Drag Race Philippines' season 1

Josiah Antonio, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Oct 06 2022 01:51 PM

Photos from 'Drag Race Philippines' Twitter account
Photos from 'Drag Race Philippines' Twitter account

MANILA — The Top 4 finalists of "Drag Race Philippines" season 1 have been named after the ninth episode of the competition series aired Wednesday.

Minty Fresh lost the "You'll Always Be My Number One" lip-sync battle against Xilhouete and missed the finale. Xilhouete will be joining Marina Summers, Precious Paula Nicole, and Eva Le Queen in the finale of the competition series. 

Let's have a look at the track record of the remaining queens of the competition.


Despite having no maxi challenge wins, Eva Le Queen has two mini challenge wins -- the Chinese garter and the much-anticipated reading challenge.

She was at the top of the pack in five challenges, namely: talent show, girl group, Snatch Game, makeover, and music video challenge. 


Marina Summers is the front runner of the first season with two wins for the pageant improv and music video challenge. She was never in the bottom two but received negative critiques during the makeover challenge.

However, she was consistently at the top in five challenges: talent show, girl group, Rusical, Snatch Game, and Divisoria ball challenge.


Precious Paula Nicole has one win under her belt during the Rusical challenge after impressing Regine Velasquez by impersonating her on stage. She was also never in the bottom two but received negative critiques during the Divisoria ball challenge.

She was also consistently at the top in four challenges: the Sagalamazon ball, pageant improv, makeover, and music video challenge. Precious also won the Ru-lection mini challenge. 


Xilhouete had a rocky start in the competition and got negative critiques in the talent show and landed in the bottom two during the girl group challenge.

She won two maxi challenges for the staple challenges Snatch Game and makeover and received praises during the Rusical, pageant improv, and Divisoria ball challenge but landed in the bottom two again during the music video challenge.

“Drag Race Philippines” airs new episodes Wednesday on Wow Presents Plus, Discovery Plus, and HBO Go, while the “Untucked” episodes air on Fridays.

The Emmy Award-winning original series has featured the talents of Filipino drag queens in the US and several overseas in editions through the years.


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