LOOK: Bimby, 13, is now 6 feet tall and still growing, says mom Kris Aquino


Posted at Oct 03 2020 06:44 PM | Updated as of Oct 04 2020 05:48 PM

MANILA — Kris Aquino’s little “bunso” is not so little anymore. 

This Friday, Aquino shared a cute post showing just how much Bimby, 13, has grown and how he’s almost as tall as his 25-year-old brother, Joshua, who is more than 6 foot tall. 

The snap she posted on Instagram saw Bimby standing next to her, dwarfing her. She captioned it: “I didn’t shrink- my bunso just keeps growing taller.” 

She followed it up with a post of them being joined by Joshua. “My towers of love,” she wrote. 


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It was Aquino’s first post on Instagram since September 14, a week after she shared an update on their negative COVID-19 test and her cancelled TV comeback.

About early September, Aquino compared the heights of Bimby and Joshua. She estimated that Bimby is now 6 foot tall, considering that he’s just barely below Joshua, who stands at 6-foot-2. 

She explained that, yes, DNA is a big factor but chalks up her son’s amazing growth to how he starts every day with a big class of fresh milk.


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Bimby is Aquino’s son with James Yap, a basketball player. Joshua, on the other hand, is Aquino’s son with Phillip Salvador.