Despite own illness, Kris Aquino offered medical help, Lolit Solis says


Posted at Sep 28 2022 10:42 PM

Actress-host Kris Aquino and showbiz columnist Lolit Solis. Instagram: @krisaquino, @akosilolitsolis
Actress-host Kris Aquino and showbiz columnist Lolit Solis. Instagram: @krisaquino, @akosilolitsolis


MANILA — Despite having to deal with her own illness, actress-host Kris Aquino offered medical help to Lolit Solis, the showbiz columnist revealed on Tuesday.

Solis, who has been undergoing dialysis twice a week, shared through an Instagram post that Aquino reached out to offer assistance upon finding out about her condition.

“Kaya hindi ko puwede hindi mahalin si Kris Aquino dahil lagi siyang ready to help out kung kailangan mo siya,” Solis wrote.

“Kaagad niyang pinatawag si Alvin para alamin kung ano kailangan ko at ibibigay niya agad,” she said, referring to her aide. “To think na meron siyang sakit at nasa abroad siya.”

Aquino, who has been diagnosed with four autoimmune diseases, is currently in the US for long-term treatment.

“Talagang kahit love/hate ang relationship namin dalawa, hindi talaga nalimutan ni Kris Aquino ang naging friendship namin. Kahit kelan sasabihin ko na walang mean bone si Kris, puwede na naughty siya, tactless pero magaan at bukas palad siya dahil mabait ang puso niya,” Solis said.

In Aquino’s most recent update about her health on Sept. 7, she said she continues to seek treatment for autoimmune conditions.

At the time, she wrote: “I am grateful to be blessed to have the means for us to move to another state, and have more tests done & go to other specialists; and finally start my immunosuppressant therapy. I was warned that the safest form of chemotherapy (I don’t have cancer) that can be used for my autoimmune conditions will make me lose my hair.”

Solis, in her statement on Tuesday, wished for the recovery of Aquino, who earlier said she draws strength from her two sons whenever she is in low spirits.

“More than anything gusto ko gumaling si Kris para sa mga anak niya,” Solis said. “Sana naman anuman ang sakit niya gumaling na at maging energetic siya uli. Kris Aquino will always be special sa lahat ng tao na natulungan niya, sa mga kaibigan niya, at lalo na sa nagmamahal sa kanya.”

Addressing Aquino, Solis added: “Pagaling ka Kris, don't stress yourself sa mga bagay na walang kuwenta, you are loved and you are worth the love. Thank you, will always remember your sweetness and kindness. Salamat talaga.”