Ely Buendia asked about Eraserheads reunion. Here's his reply


Posted at Sep 28 2021 01:37 PM


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MANILA - Ely Buendia was asked what it would take for there to be another Eraserheads reunion.

This after Buendia indulged a couple of questions from netizens on Twitter on Tuesday through a virtual Q&A.

While he was probably asked numerous times about it, Buendia gave three different answers when prodded if it is still possible to see the iconic band together again.

When he first answered the question, Buendia said it will happen when Vice President Leni Robredo runs in the 2022 elections.

For the second time, Buendia said “Jesus should come back” before it becomes possible for them to reunite.

Lastly, he said IV of Spades, which took a break as a group last year, should get together first.

The last time Eraserheads performed together was in 2016 for a mini-set that included their hit "Maling Akala" as well as "Popmachine" and "Poor Man's Grave."

In 2018, it was rumored that the band was getting back together to perform during the UAAP men's basketball finals. Buendia, however, firmly ruled out any hopes for that to happen at that time. 

Several months later, or in June 2019, Buendia again denied that there was any reunion happening. 

He also defended himself from the apparent blame fans have been pinning on him over why a reunion concert has yet to materialize. 

"It’s not like I’m the only one deciding these things. I’m just another cog in the machinery," he said. 

"Don't get why when it’s something negative about the band, the blame falls on me, but if it’s something positive, oh, it’s a group effort. Anyway I was just trying to warn the general public. Peace."