LOOK: Carlo Aquino brings parents along as he visits Angelica's home


Posted at Sep 13 2018 09:37 PM


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He has made it quite clear that he's not courting Angelica Panganiban. 

But "Exes Baggage" lead Carlo Aquino certainly isn't doing anything to stop their fans from thinking otherwise, after he was seen bringing his parents to the home of his co-star for a visit. 

A photo of Carlo Aquino and his parents with Angelica Panganiban, as shared by fans online this Tuesday

Last Tuesday, a day before the first full trailer for their upcoming movie was released, photos of him, along with his mom and dad, at Panganiban's house began surfacing online. 

The snaps were being credited to the Facebook page of Aquino's mother.

Apparently, Aquino came over to fetch his pet cat, which he left in Panganiban's care while he traveled to Bangkok.


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It's unclear, however, why he brought his parents along. But it may have been that they were fans of Panganiban, based on the photos. 

Carlo Aquino's mom was seen taking plenty of photos with Angelica Panganiban. 

Talk of Panganiban and Aquino rekindling their relationship began even before they were cast as the stars of "Exes Baggage," due to their sweet gestures to one another. 

Since they play strangers who fall in love in the movie, and given their romantic past, they were inevitably asked about whether they have any plans to get back together. 

Aquino maintained that he's not courting her, while Panganiban said that it's important not to get carried away by the clamor from fans for them to give their love a third chance.