Netflix's new K-drama 'Little Women' full of 'twists and turns,' director teases

Jaehwa Bernardo, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Aug 29 2022 04:15 PM

Promotional poster for the Korean drama 'Little Women,' set to premiere on Netflix on September 3, 2022. Photo courtesy of Netflix
Promotional poster for the Korean drama 'Little Women,' set to premiere on Netflix on September 3, 2022. Photo courtesy of Netflix

MANILA — Netflix's latest K-drama offering "Little Women" is a fast-paced series with plenty of "twists and turns," its director said Monday, teasing the show that boasts a star-studded cast.

Based on the classic novel of the same title by Louisa May Alcott, "Little Women" follows three poverty-stricken sisters who get entangled in a conspiracy involving the rich and powerful.

In an online press conference, director Kim Hee-won said she wanted to reinterpret the novel to fit the show's Korean characters and setting.

"We start off from a reality that everyone can relate to and then it evolves into a very big gigantic event. It's really difficult for me to put this into words because there's a lot of twist and turns within the plot," Kim said, attempting to avoid spoiling the story.

"This is a 12-episode series so it's very speedy and fast-tracked," said Kim, who helmed the Song Joong-ki-starrer "Vincenzo" last year.

For "Little Women," Kim worked with prolific screenwriter Chung Seo-kyung, a frequent collaborator of auteur Park Chan-wook and the writer of his acclaimed 2016 film "The Handmaiden."

The show features a powerhouse cast, with Kim Go-eun, Nam Ji-hyun and Park Ji-hu playing the sisters. It also stars Wi Ha-joon and Um Ki-joon.

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Go-eun, who recently won best actress at the Blue Dragon Series Awards for "Yumi's Cells," said she joined "Little Women" because of its stellar cast and production team.

"There's no reason to say no to this drama," said Go-eun.

"When I read the script, it did not play out the way I expected it to. The plot and the events unfolded in an unpredictable way, which will be very intriguing for the audience," she said.

"The web of relations among the characters and how the characters change through the twist and turns will be interesting to watch," said Wi, who rose to international fame with the 2021 survival drama "Squid Game."

Go-eun noted that the show was not all heavy drama as her character would provide "funny moments" to an otherwise "dark" story.

Directer Kim described the team behind "Little Women" as "a dream team" and praised the cast for being respectful towards of each other, regardless of seniority.

"I think the important thing for creating a good ensemble is how much respect they have for each other and that was exactly the attitude that all of the cast members showed, whether they're a senior or junior," she said.

"Park Ji-hu is a junior member but she gives and gets much respect with other members of the cast," Kim said, referring to the young actress best known for starring in "All Of Us Are Dead."

"It was a happy experience for me to work with all of these people," she added.

"Little Women" is scheduled to premiere on Netflix on Saturday, Sept. 3.


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