‘I am not a cheater’: Kiko Estrada breaks silence on Devon Seron, Heaven Peralejo


Posted at Aug 25 2021 01:25 AM | Updated as of Aug 25 2021 02:45 AM

Kiko Estrada with his current and former girlfriends Heaven Peralejo and Devon Seron. Instagram: @heavenperalejo / Regal Films
Kiko Estrada with his current and former girlfriends Heaven Peralejo and Devon Seron. Instagram: @heavenperalejo / Regal Films

MANILA — Actor Kiko Estrada broke his silence Tuesday on his current and former girlfriends Heaven Peralejo and Devon Seron, emphasizing his relationships with them did not overlap, contrary to speculation.

Estrada spoke at length about ties with both actresses in an interview with host Ogie Diaz.

Estrada and Peralejo, who were co-stars in the afternoon drama “Bagong Umaga,” confirmed being officially together this month, 5 months after they were first romantically linked in March.

At the time, Estrada and Seron, who were together for 2 years, were rumored to have just separated. Peralejo denied having any romantic ties with Estrada.

In his sit-down with Diaz, Estrada detailed the timeline of his breakup with Seron, and his subsequent relationship with Peralejo.

“We split Valentine’s Day 2021,” Estrada said of Seron.

He denied he and Peralejo were already an item a month later in March. “We were still not together at this point. We were just talking, trying to get to know each other,” he said.

“We were formed through the adversity, through the hardships. Through the issue, we became closer. I would never expect na magiging kami in any way,” he added.

According to Estrada, he and Peralejo “came together,” or officially became a couple, on May 30.

Estrada did not disagree with observations that he managed to move on “fast,” after Diaz mentioned that sentiment from Seron’s non-showbiz sister, as seen in her posts online.

“I guess if you want to blame something on me, it’s that I moved on fast . . . Maybe that’s my fault, but there was no overlapping. I was hurt, too. I didn’t want to leave her, but the situation caused it. Nangyari na ‘yung nangyari,” he said.

“Hindi ko naman siguro kasalanan na I moved on. Sino bang hindi gustong mag-move on sa nakaraan. Who doesn’t want to find happiness kung malungkot ka?”



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Referring to granting an interview about his personal life, Estrada said he felt compelled to do so because of the criticisms directed at Peralejo, who has been repeatedly accused of causing the breakup.

“They say I am a cheater. I am not a cheater. [They say] Heaven is a third party. She is not a third party. There’s nothing like that that happened,” he said.

“Kasi kung totoo, tatanggapin ko. Like, we have to live with it because it’s the truth, and the truth will set you free. But this is not the truth. This is something they would want to believe. They would want to point and say that I’m the bad guy, or she’s the bad girl. Sa teleserye o sa pelikula kailangan may kontrabida, so I guess that’s what they want. I’m just here to explain and clarify.”

What finally pushed Estrada to address the “bashing” was seeing Peralejo fall into depression, amid the persistent mudslinging in connection to their relationship.

“She’s really hurt. She’s really hurt. Emotionally, mentally, physically. Down na down siya. She’s depressed,” he said.

“There’s always going to be bashing, but may limit, e. Tao rin tayo. She’s handling this the best that she can. She’s just really depressed right now. She might give a smile, but behind that smile, she’s not okay,” Estrada added.

While Estrada has been able to ignore the “bashing” online — having deactivated his social media pages for months — what affects him, he explained, is seeing Peralejo in low spirits.

“Seeing the person you love hurt by lies or by fabricated truth, it takes a man to stand up to tell the truth and to tell what happened. I’m a private guy. Nakakalungkot lang na I had to reach this point to show or to tell everyone the truth. Mahirap na ‘yung taong mahal mo, nakikita mo palaging malungkot,” he said.

“She cries, but she cries to herself. She’s also like me. She hides the emotions as much as she can. But of course, if it’s too much, she lets it out. That’s why I had to do this. I had to speak out, I had to protect her. I am not disrespecting anyone. I’m just protecting the people that I love. That’s the main purpose of this,” he explained.


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Estrada then addressed for the first time his separation from Seron, who has yet to speak publicly on the topic. He did not detail what led to that decision, only saying that they “hurt each other.”

“It was not a good breakup, but it was a breakup. I wish her well, to be honest. I wish her the best,” he said.

Asked whether they’ve spoken after their relationship ended, Estrada answered in the affirmative, but did not give details.

While he described their status now as “civil,” he feels there may be no need to communicate at this point.

“To be honest, no, I have no inclination,” he answered, when asked whether he wants to talk with Seron, given their current situation.

Throughout the interview, however, Estrada said repeatedly that he only wishes his ex-girlfriend, as well as her family, the best.

“When I see her, I want to see her happy, good in life, healthy. I want to see her with a big smile. Kahit na mag-nod siya sa akin, at mag-nod ako sa kaniya, that’s enough for me,” he said.

“It might not be a good breakup, we might not talk that much, we might not be friends, but I wish her the best. Genuinely, I wish her the best. She deserves it.”

He also extended a message to Seron’s family, with whom he formed close ties during their two years as a couple. Seron’s sister was 

“I respect their whole family. And I know they’re hurt with what happened, and I’m sorry if I hurt them as a family. I never intended to. I just hope they stop. I just hope they move on,” he said.

Estrada was also asked to give a message to Seron. At that point, he mentioned no longer being “the best” partner for her.

“I just hope that she’s well, and I hope she gets the best in life. I wish her the best, she deserves the best, and I am not the best for her. I’m sure that there is someone who’s going to love her the way she wants to be loved,” he said.

The actor beamed when he was then prompted to share his message for Peralejo. He gave encouraging words about weathering this tumultuous chapter of their relationship.

“Keep strong. We’re going to get through this. You’re going to get through this. You’re a strong girl. You’re beautiful, you’re kind, you’re generous, you’re loving. All these adversities we’re going through, we’ll fight through it,” he said.

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