Viral PH cola ad wins bronze in Cannes Lions 2021


Posted at Jun 26 2021 02:54 PM

Viral PH cola ad wins bronze in Cannes Lions 2021 1
Screenshot from GIGIL's RC Cola advertisement

Despite sending a confusing message, the viral local ad of a Philippine soda brand featuring a mother with a soda bottle for a head captured the Bronze Lion in the prestigious Cannes Lions 2021. 

Advertising agency GIGIL shared the good news on their Facebook page, saying the RC Cola commercial titled “Family” gave them their first-ever Cannes Lions under the Film category. 

“GIGIL snatched a bronze in ‘Film,’ one of the toughest categories of the Festival. Big thanks to our RC Cola clients who believed in the idea, and our production partners Arcade Film Factory, Riot, Barebones, and Hit Productions,” the post said. 

Last year, "RC Cola" became a local trending topic on Twitter after the soft drink brand's latest advertisement went viral and left many Filipino netizens confused.


It showed a boy confronting his mother as he wondered if he was adopted because he was always being teased at school.

His mother told him to not listen to what other people say, but things started to go bizarre as the boy removed his clothes and asked why he had four glasses attached to his back.

Bursting into tears, the mother felt the need to show her son the "truth" that they have long hidden from him, and proceeded to remove her head, revealing a soft drink bottle.

The strange ad also made it to US television as it was featured in a recent episode of “The Ellen Show,” in a segment called, “What’s Going to Happen Next in This Crazy Commercial?”.

In the game, DeGeneres and the show’s in-house DJ, Stephen “tWitch” Boss, try to predict the ending of an ad, given three options shown midway.

RC Cola’s ad was one of four shown in the segment. 

DeGeneres and tWitch both picked the option which predicted that the mother would “take off [her] scarf and parachute out the window.”