Soft drink brand's 'weird' ad leaves Filipino netizens confused


Posted at Nov 27 2020 04:00 PM

Soft drink brand's 'weird' ad leaves Filipino netizens confused 1
Screengrab from YouTube

MANILA -- "RC Cola" became a local trending topic on Twitter on Friday after the soft drink brand's latest advertisement went viral and left many Filipino netizens confused.

The commercial is oddly titled "Nyahahakbkxjbcjhishdishlsab@!!!! Basta RC Cola," and was released on the brand's social media pages this week.

It showed a boy confronting his mother as he wondered if he is adopted because he is always being teased at school.

His mother told him to not listen to what other people say, but things started to go bizarre as the boy removed his clothes and asked why he has four glasses attached to his back.

Bursting into tears, the mother felt the need to show her son the "truth" that they have long hidden from him, and proceeded to remove her head to reveal a soft drink bottle.

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Many Filipino netizens took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the ad, with most of them calling it "weird" and "creepy." 

Others compared the now-viral video to "those weird Japanese commercials in Japan."

Some Twitter users joked that they would start checking their mothers if they have soft drink bottles as heads because of the commercial.

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