LOOK: Kim Chiu is now fully vaccinated against COVID-19


Posted at Jun 17 2021 01:04 PM | Updated as of Jun 17 2021 05:51 PM

MANILA -- Actress-host Kim Chiu is now fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

The 31-year-old actress shared the good news to her followers on Instagram on Thursday as she shared a photo of her after getting the second dose of the vaccine.

LOOK: Kim Chiu is now fully vaccinated against COVID-19 1

"Finally. I have prayed for this day to come! Seeing the COVID-19 videos last year scared me, so many 'what ifs' on my mind. I made myself physically active by doing different workouts to help my lungs get stronger mas matinidi pa workout ko now than my marathon training before. But today, I am happy that I am #FullyVaccinated protection from major illness and to protect my friends, family, loved ones, and the people around me," Chiu wrote.

She also encouraged all those who are qualified to get vaccinated.

"Let’s all get vaccinated to reach herd immunity," she said, addingn that the main side effect of the Sinovac vaccine, at least for her, was that she was "always hungry for five days, 5-6 meals instead of 2 meals a day, then that's it."

The Philippines has so far been able to administer at least 6.9 million COVID-19 vaccine doses as of Sunday, June 13, of which 1,879,694 are second doses. 
The government aims to vaccinate at least 58 million of its 108 million population to achieve herd immunity and safely reopen the economy.