‘I have never cheated on Jason’: Moira dela Torre breaks her silence on separation


Posted at Jun 03 2022 11:40 PM

Moira dela Torre and Jason Hernandez FILE/Screenshot
Moira dela Torre and Jason Hernandez got married in January 2019. FILE/Screenshot

MANILA — Singer Moira dela Torre broke her silence Friday on her separation from her husband and music collaborator, Jason Hernandez, saying she never cheated on him, amid circulating rumors.

Dela Torre and Hernandez earlier announced, through a joint statement, their decision to end their three-year marriage on May 31, with the latter admitting being “unfaithful” to his wife.

While Hernandez has issued a separate statement where he also publicly apologized to dela Torre, the hitmaker kept mum on details of the split, until Friday night, amid allegations that she, too, had committed infidelity.

“For those of you who know my story,” dela Torre said. “You can imagine the long journey of grieving and healing I have ahead of me. The revelations of things that happened over the last two years have been difficult. Painful. And heartbreaking to process.”

“In spite of the pain I’m experiencing, let me set the record straight. While our marriage was not perfect, I have stayed true to my vows and I have never cheated on Jason,” she wrote.

Dela Torre and Hernandez got married in January 2019.

Speculation surrounding their marriage first started in April 2022, when her fans noticed that dela Torre had removed most of Hernandez’s photos from her Instagram page. At the time, however, they both denied parting ways.

A month later, they confirmed no longer being together.

“This has not been easy on either of us and our families,” she said on Friday. “I only wish to put an end to the speculations regarding what happened between Jason and I. Though we're no longer together, it still hurts to see fabricated stories being told about us — most of which are so far from the truth. The both of us still have a long way to go when it comes to healing and we ask for respect during this difficult time.”

Dela Torre, who also closely collaborated with Hernandez on her music, added, “I don’t know what the future holds, but hope continues to be the song that I sing.”

Dela Torre, who had been healing from a heartbreak when she met Hernandez, has credited her husband for the inspiration of finishing “Tagpuan,” one of the singer’s biggest hits which spoke of hope instead of her signature “hugot.”

Similarly personal to the former couple is “Ikaw at Ako,” their original wedding theme song whose music video chronicled the day of their nuptials, including their emotional vows in January 2019.

“Paubaya,” dela Torre’s 2021 viral hit which she also co-wrote with Hernandez, meanwhile speaks of “forgiveness, letting go, and setting people free.”

All three songs incorporated dela Torre and Hernandez’s shared faith.

“Even in pain—especially in pain—will continue to place my complete trust in the one who has never let me down,” dela Torre said on Friday.

Concluding her statement, dela Torre addressed those who have been expressing support for her: “My heart, though still navigating this unexpected season, feels full because of all of your comforting messages. To those who are going through the same journey as me, I hear you and I send you love.”