K-pop trio VIVIZ on ‘Queendom 2’ and upcoming US debut

Jaehwa Bernardo, ABS-CBN News

Posted at May 21 2022 10:20 AM | Updated as of May 21 2022 10:16 PM

K-pop trio VIVIZ. Photo courtesy of BPM Entertainment and The Unit Label
K-pop trio VIVIZ. Photo courtesy of BPM Entertainment and The Unit Label

MANILA – VIVIZ may be considered a “rookie” group in K-pop, having debuted just last February 9, but the three women that comprise the act are far from being newbies, bringing with them seven years of stage experience.

The team is composed of Eunha, SinB and Umji – former members of GFriend, a six-piece girl group that had a successful run from 2015 until its surprise disbandment in early 2021. 

Months after departing their previous agency, the trio signed with Big Planet Made Entertainment and decided to debut again together.

“I felt a sense of pressure that the three of us had to create a performance that was new and perfect. We were always saying, ‘We have to do well,’” Eunha said, recounting their second debut as VIVIZ (pronounced “bibiji” from the last syllables of their names Eunbi and Umji).

Currently, VIVIZ is participating in the second season of “Queendom,” a reality TV competition that showcases creative performances from six female K-pop acts. At the same time, the three are preparing to take on the United States, recently dropping a remix of its debut single “Bop Bop!” as a “pre-debut” release.

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In a recent interview with ABS-CBN News, the girls talked about their new beginning, “Queendom,” and planned US debut. Below is the interview, which has been edited for clarity and length.

Q: A week after your debut, you won first place on “Show Champion” and “M Countdown.” How did you feel about winning on music shows as VIVIZ?

EUNHA: I didn’t expect it at all. It was thrilling just to debut again and I was thrilled to win first place. I want to tell our fans who have been supporting us and waiting for us that we are very thankful.

Q: You recently collaborated with Belgian DJ Yves V for a remix of “Bop Bop!” What were your thoughts when you first heard the remix?

EUNHA: I was looking forward to how our debut song “Bop Bop!” – which we like – would change and the outcome was fresh and better than I expected. I thought the sense of space, like being in outer space, and the intro that emphasized our voices in the remix were appealing.

Eunha. Photo courtesy of BPM Entertainment and The Unit Label
Eunha. Photo courtesy of BPM Entertainment and The Unit Label

Q: The remix is a part of your pre-debut in the US. Why did you decide to try promoting in the US? What made it feel like this is the right time?

EUNHA: I think K-pop is getting more attention now. We believed this would be the best time to reach out to global fans, being it a new start for the three of us.

Q: What should fans expect from your US promotions?

SINB: I hope they look forward to our bubbly energy and the synergy we will create together. As for new music, it is constantly under work. I ask our fans to look forward to the various sides of VIVIZ.

Q: You’re currently competing in “Queendom.” How has the experience been so far?

SINB: A survival program was a first for me, so I was really nervous before. However, I have learned so much from this program. All the experiences related to creating performances and concepts that we hadn’t done during our past promotions were electrifying.

SinB. Photo courtesy of BPM Entertainment and The Unit Label
SinB. Photo courtesy of BPM Entertainment and The Unit Label

Q: For the first round, you performed “Time for the Moon Night” and “Rough.” How did it feel to perform GFriend songs again as VIVIZ and why did you choose these songs?

SINB: We chose those songs because although we are currently performing as VIVIZ, we are still GFriend. It is a performance that is close to our hearts because we don’t know when we would be able to do it again.

Q: What was the reaction of the other GFriend members to your “Queendom” stage?

SINB: The reactions were all different, from, “You did so well,” to, “I was moved!” I was thankful that they monitored our performances, posted it on their Instagram, and supported us.

Q: Who among the other idols in “Queendom” have you grown close to?

UMJI: We have grown close to Xiaoting, Dayeon, and Hikaru of Kep1er because we did the unit stage together. We are significantly more excited than before when bumping into them on set. Nevertheless, we still have the most fun when it’s just the three of us.

Umji. Photo courtesy of BPM Entertainment and The Unit Label
Umji. Photo courtesy of BPM Entertainment and The Unit Label

Q: For your appearance on the Grammy's “Global Spin,” you performed at the Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) while wearing modern hanbok. What was the process in deciding the location and outfits?

UMJI: We wished to showcase something related to Korea for Grammy’s “Global Spin,” and we also had the desire to show the beauty of hanbok and the amazing aspects of Korea to the world. Therefore, we believed that performing in Korea’s traditional clothing, hanbok, at DDP, Korea’s landmark for fashion, would be an excellent way to promote Korea.

Q: Is the direction of VIVIZ’s future songs going to be similar to the sound of “Bop Bop!” or will you be exploring other genres?

UMJI: The direction for VIVIZ’s future songs isn’t limited to any specific genre. We believed that “Bop Bop!” was the perfect song to make a first impression on many people as VIVIZ, so everyone pressed to make it our debut song. We are still open to experimenting with songs of other genres and having fun with them if we believe the song goes well with VIVIZ, whenever the opportunity may arise.

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