Doc Willie Ong denies involvement in ‘fake ads’ on Kris Aquino’s ‘miracle food’


Posted at Apr 20 2023 06:43 PM

Photo from Doc Willie Ong's Facebook page
Photo from Doc Willie Ong's Facebook page

MANILA – Doctor and social media influencer Willie Ong vehemently denied that he had a hand in a viral advertisement that showed him and Kris Aquino endorsing an alleged “miracle food.”

Ong broke his silence on social media as he called the ad fake and the pages promoting it as a scam. 

His statement came after Aquino threatened to take action against the ad claimingshe is taking nuts which will cure her cancer. According to Aquino, she is allergic to nuts and she is not fighting cancer. 

“Atty Ricky I hope the post about me & this 'miracle' whatever food has been taken down because sobrang hindi totoo -- until now i’m unable to really eat food, it’s still milk and more milk for me… NEVER ako na diagnose as having cancer. And most of the nuts shown in the pictures i am ALLERGIC to,” she said on Instagram.

According to Ong’s post, he is not endorsing any product, except for a popular milk brand which has a charity advocacy for seniors. 

“I am not the endorser or the owner of these fake FB pages using my name. The fake ads issue is a worldwide problem of influencers. I, and many other influencers are the victims here,” Ong clarified. 

He also stressed that his official Facebook is a verified account and has 17 million followers. Ong added that he has been reporting all other pages that have been using his name to lure other netizens.

“I have reported this to FB for the past 5 years with little success since the scammers just keep making new FB accounts. This is a problem of many influencers. I hope you can clarify this so as not to harm my reputation,” Ong explained. 

Earlier this year, Aquino updated her fans, thanking her followers for keeping her and her two sons in their prayers.

"We may be an ocean apart, BUT it matters so much to know that many of you who don’t even know me or my sons personally, care enough to remember us & want me to win this seemingly endless battle with my autoimmune conditions," she added.

Aquino said two of her four diagnosed autoimmune ailments are life- threatening, and a fifth is highly likely "because of my distinct physical manifestations."

Explaining her health status, she also said she has started “step one” of what’s expected to be an 18-month process of diagnosis and treatment at “a hospital’s center for those with rare and undiagnosed illnesses.”