Kris Aquino credits 'excellent team of doctors' for improving health


Posted at Apr 16 2023 12:02 PM

Amid her ongoing battle against autoimmune diseases, former Kapamilya TV host Kris Aquino wrote an appreciation post for her team of doctors, saying she admires their “excellence and real compassion.”

“This is an overdue GRATITUDE post. I know it’s because of your prayers that God helped lead me to an excellent team of doctors: Dr. Sudhir Gupta, his daughter Dr. Malika Gupta, Dr. Yaqoot Khan, and Dr. John Belperio,” she captioned her Instagram post on Saturday.

“I have many limitations when it comes to medicine & treatments because of my allergies and/or adverse reactions YET they both found treatments that given time can help me get my health back,” she added.

Aquino admitted that she has been researching too much about her condition, acknowledging that she shouldn’t preempt whatever plans her doctors have for her.

“Aamin ako, after my 1st consultation with Dr Khan & Dr Belperio, when 14 vials of blood were drawn- mahirap pag ‘nerd’ like me; too much researching plus memorized ko na yung mga results na dapat kong ikabahala… pero alam ko rin na hindi dapat pangunahan ang mga doctor,” she said.

“My last numbers were alarming because maraming bumagsak na sana steady lang at yung mga nanahimik (like my ANA titer) nagparamdam ulit…pinaalala sa ‘kin na yung 4 diagnosed autoimmune ko, pwedeng maging 5 or 6, and my major organs like my heart & lungs can suffer permanent damage. Next week may bagong treatment na isasabay sa biological injectable that i’ve had 2 doses of… praying kayanin ko.”

Towards the end of her post, Aquino expressed gratitude to those praying for her even if they do not know her personally. 

“I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve your kindness but please know YOU GIVE ME HOPE & COURAGE to KEEP THE FAITH and TRUST GOD’S Merciful LOVE. Thank you for being my RAINBOW.”

She also expressed gratitude towards the "special people" in her life who have accompanied her throughout her medical journey but decided not to mention any names to protect them from any criticism.

“There are special people apart from my doctors i want to THANK by NAME, but i learned the hard way: when you choose to open up portions of your life that should remain private (close friendships & relationships) you open what’s special to harsh judgment. You deserved a health update because you’ve been with me in this journey, sana ibalato nyo na lang ang private life during my journey of healing."