‘Baka pinaglapit tayo’: Why Alexa, KD see themselves as blessing to each other


Posted at Apr 16 2022 10:20 AM | Updated as of Apr 16 2022 10:40 AM


MANILA – Alexa Ilacad and KD Estrada see each other as a blessing to one another in times when they were both misunderstood, the love team said on Saturday.

"We were both sharing a very similar journey that we didn't even realize," Ilacad shared in the 100th episode of Kapamilya Journeys of Hope with Father Tito Caluag. 

Ilacad and Estrada developed a bond inside the Pinoy Big Brother House as housemates in its latest season, resulting to fans dubbing their duo "KDLex."

The two have been vocal on social media about their mutual fondness for each other, but have not confirmed an off-screen relationship, despite speculation. 

"Secret po. Ibubulong na lang namin later," Ilacad replied in jest when Caluag followed up on their relationship status.

But the two turned serious reflecting on the timing when their paths crossed in the reality show. 

"Siguro binigay ako sa'yo ni Lord to make your journey here lighter. Baka talagang pinaglapit tayo. For so many times we were in the same room, there were so many times na dapat nag-PBB ako, pero bakit sa itong [season] napunta," Ilacad told Estrada. 

Estrada, whose time confined inside the PBB house was marred by struggles with depression, said Ilacad's companionship was invaluable help. 

Ilacad was always waiting and ready to listen to him after visits to the "confession room" with Big Brother where at times he would suffer panic attacks. 

"I felt she really wanted to understand and help me. It's so nice kasi [while] the housemates they're nice, Alexa is different," Estarda said. 

Ilacad added: "I didn't know at that time he was going through something. I just felt like this person needs me, like, baka maka-help ka. When I saw him and I felt like he needed me, I really knew I needed to make an effort to understand what this person is going through para matulungan ko." 

Their bond found Ilacad realizing the two were "like two lost souls."

Estrada, who was diagnosed with depression inside the PBB house by resident psychologist-psychiatrist Dr. Randy Dellosa, made a turning point in realizing to whom his journey inside the house was actually for. 

"Sometimes it was too much for me to handle ... I was going through a very toxic cycle. [But] I felt I had to do something for me, because I was always doing things for other people; I just told myself, 'Let's not do it for anyone, let's do it for KD,'" Estrada said. 

The two mutually agreed that if an off-screen relationship buds from their bond inside the PBB house, it "would just be a cherry on top."

"Either way there's a solid bond," Ilacad said. 

Ilacad hoped for more understanding, patience, and growth for the both of them looking forward. 

Estrada said he looked now to branching out his passions, starting a business, and securing his future now that he has left the PBB house. 

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