Claudine, Gretchen explain how their feud ended


Posted at Mar 22 2019 02:44 AM

Claudine, Gretchen explain how their feud ended 1
Sisters Gretchen and Claudine Barretto have been busy showing their fans on Instagram that they have patched things up.

One of the long standing feuds in local showbiz appears to be over. 

There were signs that the ice between sisters Gretchen and Claudine Barretto was beginning to thaw around two years ago, when both of them defended each other from bashers online. 

But this Wednesday, that ice is now completely gone, at least they said, as they put up an Instagram Live session where they explained how their feud ended --hugging, joking, and giving each other life advice just to prove so.

It was rather anti-climactic but refreshing to hear that their bitter fight ended with just a simple hug. No grand standing or emotional interviews --just a tiny mention in their two-hour long Live video. 

"Nagkita lang kami and then we hugged each other," Gretchen said. "And then ayun na iyon, the rest is history." 

It was around 2013 when their feud began because Gretchen shared allegations about Claudine's alleged mental health and drug problems. This resulted in her being publicly disowned by her parents, who backed Claudine. 


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"I always knew that one day mapapatawad ko si Claudine," quipped Gretchen, to which her younger sister replied jokingly: "Ako and may kasalanan talaga?" 

In the Live video, Claudine said that the thought of not forgiving Gretchen "never crossed her mind." 

The Instagram Live video clocked at around two hours, with some notable points being their reaction to the vlog of the daughter of their sister Marjorie, and their feud with Marjorie herself.