Gretchen, Claudine criticize niece Dani for making it sound like Marjorie 'raised her alone'


Posted at Mar 21 2019 06:46 PM | Updated as of Mar 21 2019 09:04 PM

Gretchen, Claudine criticize niece Dani for making it sound like Marjorie 'raised her alone' 1
Dani Barretto said that her mother, Marjorie, is the only person who deserves to walk her down the aisle, having raised her by herself. Dani's Instagram account

MANILA -- This past Saturday, around a month after she announced that she's engaged, Dani Barretto posted a vlog explaining why her mother, Marjorie, is the "most deserving" person to walk her down the aisle.

"Because she raised me on her own," Dani put it simply. 

The explanation was as nonchalant as it could have been. She was just addressing common misconceptions about her and her estranged dad, Kier Legaspi. 

She revealed how she has not talked to her father for six years now, how she feels "okay" even without him in her life thanks to her mom and sisters, and how it's "best" if they remain apart. 

There were no tears and she certainly did not make it sound like she was attacking Legaspi or any other person. 

But some netizens brought up her vlog, as well as comments about her mother raising her alone to Marjorie's sisters, Gretchen and Claudine. 

Gretchen, Claudine criticize niece Dani for making it sound like Marjorie 'raised her alone' 2
Gretchen Barretto and Claudine Barretto did not take kindly to the their niece's words, reminding her how they helped her mother when she was still a baby. Gretchen's Instagram Stories

This was during the Instagram Live session Gretchen and Claudine held around midnight Wednesday, and the two did not appreciate their niece making it sound like they did not help at all

Gretchen said that she hates to be "upfront" about it and that she does not like counting favors, but she recalled the time when Dani was born and how she paid for the hospital bills. 

She also remembered them living with her and her paying the salary of the household help who took care of Dani growing up. 

"Hindi po ako nagyayabang, I'm just trying to refresh the memory of everybody," she reasoned. "Dani was the apple of my eye, I didn't have any children yet, Dominique wasn't born yet." 

She added that she and Claudine provided Marjorie and Dani with "everything, including love and attention." 

"Minahal ko si Dani. I thought I was her second mother and when she called me mama, sineryoso ko iyon. So parang nung sinabi niya na, 'My mama was the only one there for me, who raised me,' ano ako? Multo? Ano si Claudine? Multo?" 

"Parang for me, ouch! Hindi ba parang ouch. I was hoping na I raised, or I gave love to people who at least can be grateful. Not counting the material things that I give away. But the time, the love and the attention, 'yun lang," she concluded. 

The two had just talked about the rift they have with Marjorie, and that they would not attend Dani's wedding, even if they were invited, when they were asked about the vlog.