Liza Soberano declares: 'I've earned the right to finally be me'


Posted at Feb 26 2023 11:40 AM

MANILA – Liza Soberano uploaded a lengthy video on her YouTube channel on Sunday reflecting on her personal growth since transitioning into having a new management agency and expressing that she now feels empowered to live her life for herself.

She started by elaborating on her first Instagram post accompanied by a heartfelt poem after she wiped her feed clean.

“Those photos actually came from a self-produced fun photoshoot with the one and only Shaira Luna. One of my favorite layouts out of eight that we did – as we were shooting, we kind of got inspired by one of my favorites, up and coming director slash author Sarah Bahbah.”

For the layout, Soberano said they just played around with the concept of being jealous of a flower. The poem, on the other hand, was Soberano expressing her hopes and dreams and frustrations.

“I am 25 years old now and I think people forget that I’ve been working for 13 years now, since I was 12 years old. I’ve been in six feature films, over 500 episodes of teleseryes and have only really dabbled into three main genres – romance, comedy and drama. Since I was 16, I had only really worked side by side with one main co-star, with the same production company, rotating around the same three directors,” she said.

“During all those years, I was never really asked for my input, my thoughts, my ideas. I felt like I was being told to be just a flower for so long and I finally started to explore a world of being able to create and tell my story and hopefully others,” she added.

In the same video, Soberano also updated her supporters on what she’s been doing “as an ambassador” and how it has opened doors for her to explore writing and producing.

While saying that she’s recently started cutting down on all the endorsements that she’s had, Soberano announced that she will be launching a partnership with a new brand on Monday.

“It has been the most amazing experience ever. I had the opportunity to work side by side with the client, the executives, the marketing officer and with the director of the commercial campaigns. I was part of the pre-production meetings. I was part of the storyboarding. I was part of the writing of the script.”

Without disclosing any details, Soberano teased that she’s excited for her followers to see the commercial.

“This was my first ever jab at directing. I am just so excited to see everyone’s reaction to it. It’s nothing like I’ve ever done before, that’s for sure. I am sure a lot of you guys will be shocked and will be surprised but I had the best time working on it and working with this team so I hope you guys will show it some love.”

In the concluding moments of the 14-minute video, Soberano expressed her hope that she was able to provide some insights into her recent decisions in life.

She also took the time say how grateful she is “for everything that I have, everything that I’ve experienced in life professionally and personally and everything else that came with it.”

“I am so grateful for my supporters. I am so grateful for the brands that I get to work with. I am so thankful for the places that I’ve been able to go to, the things that I’ve been able to experience and being able to take care of my family and live a comfortable life,” she said.

While acknowledging the backlash she’s been receiving, Soberano added: “I obviously know that it would be much easier to just stick to what has been working for me, to stay forever the same, and I know and I understand that it’s unfair to all the Liza Soberano fans, all the LizQuen fans. But I hope you understand that by doing so, by giving into the pressure of doing what everybody else wants for me, I am being unfair to myself, Hope Soberano.”

Over the years, Soberano revealed that she’s sacrificed her childhood, her freedom and her happiness to present “Liza Soberano” to the world. 

With that, she believes she’s earned the right to finally be herself, and to finally be able to do things for herself “as Hope Soberano.”

“I’ve embarked on a fresh new chapter and I am finally taking control of my life, pursuing dreams that I’ve always had to hold off on. It’s exciting, it’s terrifying, it’s anxiety-filled and confusing. But what I know for sure is that for the first time, I am finally living my life for me.”


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