Lovi Poe shares first glimpse of ‘Flower of Evil’ adaptation with Piolo Pascual


Posted at Feb 04 2022 08:08 PM

MANILA — Actress Lovi Poe has finally shared the first glimpse of “Flower of Evil,” the ABS-CBN adaptation of the South Korean drama which also marks her first acting project as a Kapamilya.


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Poe posted the behind-the-scenes photo on her social media pages on Friday, showing her with her leading man Piolo Pascual.

Pascual, notably sporting platinum blond hair, is seen cornering Poe against a row of lockers.

Poe opted for a playful caption, as she referred to her smitten face at the sight of Pascual, who is shirtless and with only an apron on in the scene.

“Yung akala mo moment niyo lang pero buong barangay pala,” she wrote with a laughing emoji.

“Swipe left to…Cut!” she added, referring to a second photo which shows the cameras, production equipment, and crew members surrounding them.

Pascual and Poe, who are first-time co-stars, will portray husband and wife in “Flower of Evil,” to be produced by Dreamscape Entertainment.

Based on the series from CJ ENM, the local adaptation will similarly follow a man who changes his identity to hide a dark past, maintaining the disguise as he gets married and starts a family with his wife.

His long con is threatened to be exposed, however, when his wife, a police detective, starts to investigate a murder case which leads to his past identity.