‘Love ko si Alexa’: KD Estrada opens up about ‘special’ bond formed inside ‘PBB’

Miguel Dumaual, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Jan 19 2022 09:41 PM | Updated as of Jan 19 2022 11:49 PM

Former ‘Pijnoy Big Brother’ housemates KD Estrada and Alexa Ilacad have referred to each other as their ‘greatest takeaway’ from the reality series. Instagram: @alexailacad
Former ‘Pijnoy Big Brother’ housemates KD Estrada and Alexa Ilacad have referred to each other as their ‘greatest takeaway’ from the reality series. Instagram: @alexailacad

MANILA — “Love ko talaga si Alexa.”

These were KD Estrada’s candid words on Wednesday as he opened up about his relationship with Alexa Ilacad, his “Pinoy Big Brother” (PBB) housemate with whom he formed what he now calls a “special” bond after more than two months together in the reality show. 

“It feels like nothing changed with me and her,” Estrada told ABS-CBN News. “She became one of my first friends inside the house talaga, because I opened up to her about how I was feeling and, it turns out, she was also going through similar stuff.”

Estrada’s depression and anxiety were tackled in numerous episodes of “PBB,” while Ilacad had been grappling with major depressive disorder caused by body dysmorphia prior to entering the program.

“Magka-wavelength kami, in the sense na even if we don’t talk, like we’re just looking at the stars, it’s not awkward. It’s just nice having that kind of person,” he said. (See the 11:45 mark of the video below.)

Estrada, 19, and Ilacad, 21, ended their “PBB” journey on the same night, December 26, when the series held a double eviction.

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The music newcomer echoed Ilacad’s previous statement that there was some relief in exiting the show at the same time, as they had been relying on each other for emotional support for most of their time inside the famous yellow house.

“It’s nice na both of us got evicted [at the same time]. We’re already a team inside the house, we’re already a duo. If either one of us were gone, and one of us stayed inside the house, it would feel incomplete. At least I got to leave with someone dear to me,” he said.

Estrada readily agreed when asked for his reaction to Ilacad earlier describing him as her “greatest takeaway” from “PBB.” He similarly waxed sentimental about having gained a constant in his life, expressing confidence that they will weather changes together.

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“I’ll always treasure what me and Lex have. I’ll always treasure Lex,” he said. “That’s what’s healthy about me and Lex, we feed off each other. We have each other as each other’s support. We are each other’s support system. We can do well on our own, but we’re stronger together.”

“It’s just so nice having that kind of person in life — someone you can always rely on, someone who you know will always be there for you no matter what happens, no matter who comes and goes in your life.”

In the earlier part of “PBB,” Estrada would address Ilacad as his “Ate,” or older sister, notably during his heartbreak over being rejected by Anji Salvacion, another housemate with whom he had a romantic past.

Later on, and noticeably as their friendship deepened outside the house, Estrada started calling Ilacad only by her first name, and sometimes with the terms of endearment “sweetie” or “baby.”

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Estrada recalled that Ilacad had told him to stop calling her “Ate,” given their age gap of only two years. As for the affectionate nicknames, Estrada pointed out that while he uses the same for the likes of Shanaia Gomez and Samantha Bernardo — housemates whom he became close to as well — Ilacad is “special.”

“Lex is a special case. With Lex, it’s more special, because that’s what I actually and genuinely feel — kasi love ko talaga si Alexa. She’s always been there,” he said.

Less than a month after returning the “outside world,” Estrada and Ilacad have courted a massive following, particularly for their tandem, now dubbed “KDLex.”

Estrada confirmed with ABS-CBN News that a project featuring them together has been greenlit, teasing that it will be rooted in their shared passion for music.

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