WATCH: Luis calls Jessy the ‘mother’ of his children


Posted at Jan 10 2019 01:59 AM


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His words had a touch of playfulness when he told his girlfriend, Jessy Mendiola, that he plans to propose to her this year. 

But Luis Manzano had a more sincere tone when he described her as the "mother" of his kids in a teaser Mendiola uploaded for her blog, posted on Instagram this past week. 

It was a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment in the short video, but it was a few seconds their fans will hold dear as they excitedly await the launch of Mendiola's video blog. 

It was right after the part where they appear to have been reading some of their followers' comments. Check it out below: 


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It remains unclear when Mendiola plans to officially launch her vlog. 

The "kilig"-worthy bit came around the same time Manzano was caught on video joking about proposing to Mendiola, whom he has been together with for more than two years to date.