Business Mentor: Ensuring the survival of the family business

Armando Bartolome

Posted at Jun 25 2022 08:23 AM

What started as a simple product, the Filipino equivalent of the donut, has become the backbone of a family-owned business at the heart of the City of San Fernando, Pampanga. 

Amid the pandemic in 2020, the Mendoza siblings, with the support of their matriarch Zenaida, started their bicho-bicho business thru online selling. It was a bold decision to keep their workers' employed as their other business for almost 20 years had been badly affected by the pandemic. 

Jonard, the eldest among the siblings, decided to spearhead the development of their bicho-bicho business plan together with his sisters, Joanne, who formulated the bicho-bicho recipe, and Jessa, who aided his brother in all marketing and operational activities. 

Their online selling move was a success, and by October, 2020, they were even able to open their first “Bienvenido Tinape Fernandino” outlet in Brgy. Dolores, which is the busiest business district of San Fernando, Pampanga. 

The 12 siblings of Apung Bining and Apung Ota 
The 12 siblings of Apung Bining and Apung Ota 

Origin of Bienvenido

Bienvenido, a Spanish word for "welcome," is the siblings' grandfather's name and the spouse of Apung Ota. Bienvenido or Apung Bining, was a caring and loving family man who would do everything for his wife, 12 children and loved ones. Zenaida, the youngest of the children of Apung Bining and Apung Ota, remembers these traits in her father.


Bienvenido's bicho-bicho recipe was the making of Joanne. It is a compact version of the beloved Pinoy donut of the Fernandinos, simply coated with granulated sugar. Jonard developed a business plan targeting customers nostalgic for bicho-bicho. 

However, Jonard also saw that their market should not be limited, and that their product should be able to tap the younger market. They included bicho-bicho varianta that had cheese filling and developed various coatings such as sugar, milk, and cinnamon, which appealed to the young. 

Other Products 

Aside from the bicho-bicho, Bienvenido Tinape Fernandino was also able to develop other products such as empanada, yema roll, and chiffon cupcakes through the extensive efforts of Joanne. 

Like the bicho-bicho, the products started to gain following from their customers. In addition, just last December, Bienvenido also launched its beverage line-up consisting of both hot and cold beverage offerings, which they called Bienvenido Beverages. Some of their beverages include House Blend Tea, Lemonade, Calamansi Juice, and Hot Brewed Coffee. 

The product created out of the family recipe
The product created out of the family recipe


For a business to grow successfully and operate for a long time, it needs the right resources and fuel. And when we talk of resources, we are not only looking at the capital, but the right human resources as well. 

When we talk about having the right fuel, we mean passion, focus, and purpose to keep all resources synergized and intact. One of the advocacies by Bienvenido Tinape Fernandino is the preservation of “Capampangan Culture.” This advocacy aims to show everyone that Pampanga is not only a great culinary center, it also has a beautiful history in Arts and Literature. The inclusion of the Kulitan Script, an indigenous Capampangan form of writing, in their box is a manifestation of this advocacy. 

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