Business Mentor: How guerrilla marketing can boost brand awareness

Armando Bartolome

Posted at Apr 09 2022 08:00 AM

Guerilla marketing promotes your brand through surprise tactics while getting maximum exposure and heightened engagement. No business would let the days pass by without making its brand known. Considering how stiff the competition is these days, you want to be among the top brands that the market loves and supports. If you feel the need to take the extra mile to create noise for your brand, then guerilla marketing might just be what you need.

Guerilla marketing should be unique and creative to make it stand out. It should create jaw-dropping attention that lingers in mind and provides a positive impact. In short, the consumers should feel surprised and happy. 

Guerilla marketing means fighting for your brand and beating bigger competitors.

It is cost-effective and scaled according to your budget. Since it does not cost as much as traditional marketing tactics, your brand can have a higher return on investment. 

One good example of this is how one local radio station uses a bus to transmit their station. While cruising busy streets, the bus gets a lot of attention from people wherever they go. And since the bus is where the "business" goes, it does not need to change how it looks as often. By merely noticing the unusual color they used on the bus, people would immediately recognize that it is the local radio station. 

People don't just admire the uniqueness of how the business goes, but people have started listening to it and have become huge fans. The number of YouTube subscribers proves that their marketing stint is a hit.

You can be as creative as you want when using guerilla marketing. There are almost no limitations for as long as done in good taste.

Guerilla marketing stunts have a vast potential to become viral. Since the creative technique would make anyone have a second look and talk about it, it can spread like wildfire in a snap. 

Using guerilla marketing means that you get your brand "out there," which means your campaign achieves free publicity whenever someone shares a picture of it on social media. You may have noticed how some resorts or restaurants have a wall with a painting wherein people get to take selfies. It often becomes a "must-visit" place among tourists or foodies.

Guerilla marketing helps your brand image, making you look unique, engaging, and fun.

Examples of Guerilla Marketing Ideas
It's time to take advantage of this budget-friendly marketing tactic to help consumers remember your brand. Tickle your customers with these guerilla marketing tactics to increase your brand awareness and revenues.

  1. Pop-up retailing
    I see this as an effective way of letting people try what you offer. This is widely used during the Christmas season, although, you may notice that there are weekly pop-ups in malls nowadays.
  2. Social Media Influencer
    It is common nowadays for those who would like to be widely recognized online to look for a social media influencer having a considerable following. You don't need to pay much for this marketing tactic. Just prepare a contract and indicate how you would want your brand promoted. 
  3. Street marketing 
    You can commission graffiti in specific places. 
  4. Ambient marketing
    You often use this type of marketing on stairs, elevators, doors, or the side of a building. Some may go all out with the design, but others may use a more straightforward but eye-popping design.

Remember that when you opt to use guerilla marketing to boost your business, you need to be highly creative and innovative in how you present them. If creativity is not your strong suit, you might consider hiring someone who can do this for you. Additionally, be sure to impart the right message that would reflect a positive impact on your brand. Make it as straightforward as possible to avoid confusion. 

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