Business Mentor: Creating a good brand story

Armando Bartolome

Posted at Apr 02 2022 07:56 AM

Starting a business is one thing, it's another thing to sustain it and grab a slice of the market. So, how do you turn your brand into a success? 

Marketing is at the core of any business. If you don’t know how to make your brand appealing, people would just walk past your store every day. You cannot expect to attract many customers if people don’t feel compelled to check on what you offer. You need to exert extra effort to make the magic happen.

What is brand storytelling?

It is a narrative that intertwines both facts and emotions your brand suggests. It is a story about the brand's existence and why it matters.

It is not just an advertisement on television showcasing a particular product. It goes beyond what is seen by the naked eye. It is about how the audience feels about the brand.

On YouTube, a lot of brands have released videos that feel like short films, which promote the brand in subtler ways.

This is not just another fad in marketing.

Brand storytelling is not just a "one-time deal" but a "must-have" marketing strategy that will elevate a business' visibility and make it more profitable. 

You should not skip adding this marketing strategy because you want to stand out in the sea of identical products and services. Your goal is to make the market remember you always. Presenting an excellent story should be backed up with high-quality products and services. Your customers should be able to differentiate who you are and what you offer from others.

The story you impart should provoke an emotional response that focuses on your brand's successes, challenges, and values that no other brands can imitate because it is YOUR story. Let your audience remember how you made them feel. Do you know why? It is because emotions can drive one to purchase.

Invoke positivity among your customers. When they buy your product, you want your customers to walk away thinking about how they interacted with your brand. Moreover, use your social media account to start a conversation and create engagement.

It is all about having a great experience with your brand so that they can be your loyal customers. Through this, you build trust, which is highly essential in any business.

Consumers are smart and choose which brands to support. Beyond profit, brands should also show their intent to be of value to the community. 

Being an empathetic company has an appeal to the market. It is about "being human". Companies should also know how to value the community by supporting a cause or sharing their blessings with others.

Brand storytelling is the best way to capture people's attention, impart information, and build a close relationship. Be creative in telling your story to awaken your audience, not merely to entertain but to build a long-term relationship with your brand.

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