Unilab warns public vs counterfeit drugs


Posted at Apr 01 2021 02:23 PM

MANILA - Pharmaceutical company Unilab on Thursday warned consumers against counterfeit drugs.

Filipinos should purchase healthcare products such as medicines from drugstores and trusted retailers, Unilab said in a Facebook post.


"We advise the public to remain vigilant when buying healthcare products, and to purchase only from trusted drugstores and retailers," Unilab said in a Facebook post. 

Consumers are advised to immediately report sale or distribution of counterfeit medicines to Unilab and the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) hotlines below:

  • Unilab - (02) 8864-5221 
  • FDA - (02) 88095596

Fake vaccines could be "injurious to public health and safety," the Bureau of Customs earlier said as it advised Filipinos from buying fake COVID-19 vaccines and other drugs after the government allowed the private sector to import vaccines for employees.

The agency said fraudsters might take advantage of the new measure.