Orders will be sent from tables to the designated food stations.
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On your next visit to Vikings, no more buffets but you can still eat all you can

Waiters will bring your food to your table, and you will be asked to fill out a health declaration form before entering. BY JACS T. SAMPAYAN 
ANCX | Jun 09 2020

We Filipinos love a good buffet, and large scale food concepts surrounding that fact have flourished. But buffets have been out of the question since the lockdown started as social distancing would be hard to maintain in its traditional setup. (After all, we have the ability to elevate the constant queueing and jostling over food trays into a contact sport.) 

But as the whole country moves into the easing of restrictions, particularly with dine-in options, many are curious about the changes that will be implemented to meet new health and safety standards.

Well, the Vikings Group shared their own version of these new protocols via a Facebook video that was posted yesterday.

All tables will bear markings to indicated if they have been sanitized and are safe to use.

Some of these protocols are the norm for just about any other establishment post-COVID: temperature checks for both staff and customers, constant hand washing and hand sanitizers all around the restaurant, clean uniforms and PPEs for the staff, and ‘round the clock sanitation of all areas. The tables will also be marked if they have been sanitized, or are yet to be sanitized.

Each food station will now have shields separating the dishes from the customers.

Social distancing will, of course, be observed at tables, where diners are kept at least a seat apart diagonally. A roving staff will also strictly implement social distancing at the queueing area, which we expect to be long and winding given the limitations on seating. The restrooms, which are equipped with automated faucets and flush systems, will also get cleaned every 30 minutes. Footbars will be installed at restroom doors to avoid contact with the handle.

Both tableware, which are sanitized and wrapped in plastic, and the paper bag to store face masks will be brought to each seated customer. Glass shields  will be installed at food stations and “open” kitchens, where food safety procedures are also implemented.

Two interesting changes that Vikings is instituting caught our attention:

One, a health declaration form, which will be filled out by the customer via their mobile phones, is now required before entry. The customer will be denied entry if he or she has not filled out the health declaration form.

Two, customers will not be allowed to just roam around the area and grab from food stations as they please. They will order while they are seated using disposable paper forms. The customers can order all they can eat from where they are and the staff will bring their food to them every time.

At the kitchens and food stations, there are additional safety and health protocols in place.

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Cashless payment systems are expectedly recommended to avoid contact. Vikings will accept GCash, PayMaya, Alipay, and WeChat Pay.

“Throughout these trying times we at the Vikings Group have done extensive research and complied to the protocols, adjusting and adapting to the new normal,” the Vikings Group writes in its Facebook post. “We are looking forward to opening our doors and having you back once again.”


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