#FriendshipGoals: 10 times Benny and Cardo stood for each other


Posted at Jan 10 2017 06:22 PM | Updated as of Jan 10 2017 06:27 PM

MANILA - Primetime TV's hottest action hero lost his sidekick on Monday night, after a bloody encounter with heavily armed gunmen on "Ang Probinsyano" on Monday. 

For some, Benny (Pepe Herrera) was just a sidekick to Cardo (Coco Martin), just like Panchito was to Dolphy. 

But many netizens disagree. For them, Benny is a best friend to Cardo, someone who would willingly take a bullet to save his "chief." 

1. A former criminal, Benny was saved by Cardo and treated him like a family member.

2. Benny's brand new motorcyle and tablet got stolen. Here's how Cardo reacted.

3. Even Meg Imperial could not break them apart.

4. Benny was also Cardo's partner in teasing and bringing laughter to Lola Kap (Susan Roces).

5. Benny was the first one in the family who found out about Cardo's secret mission, where he had to dress up as a woman and call himself "Paloma."

6. Cardo saved Benny when he and Onyok were trapped inside a delivery van that contained illegal drugs.

7. Benny also readily dusted off his old party jacket to join Cardo in an undercover mission in a party club, where drug deals were made.

8. Barangay officials once tried intimidating Benny with a gun, after they saw him drinking on the streets. Thankfully, Cardo arrived on time and saved him from getting shot.

9. Benny was behind Cardo when he arrested illegal dog butchers who almost killed Onyok's pet.

10. Benny decided to save his chief, the man who saved him many times.