Marcos' SONA lacked anti-corruption stand: business leader


Posted at Jul 25 2022 09:49 PM

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President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. did well in covering various topics regarding business and economy in the Philippines in his first State of the Nation Address (SONA), but said nothing about corruption in the government.

Rogelio Singson, president of the Management Association of the Philippines (MAP), said Marcos' SONA was "quite surprising and very extensive" as it covered the topics that the business sector wanted to hear from him.

"Can you imagine he covered practically all the topics, beyond the topics that we had wanted in MAP, and as much as 19 proposed bills already laid out to Congress," he said.

This can boost the confidence of the private sector in the country since Marcos was able to lay down what he wants to happen during his term.

"This already gives a clear direction to the Cabinet members. Of course, this will require a lot of details but at least, clearly, the directions have been given to the various departments," Singson said.

"At least the direction is there. This will give some confidence to the private sector that there is a plan to be followed in the next 6 years," he added.

In his SONA, Marcos vowed to finish ongoing infrastructure projects in the country. He also expressed his intention to reinvigorate public-private partnerships (PPPs), which will also play a crucial role in infrastructure development. 

Singson, however, said Marcos should also have made a stronger statement against corruption in government, adding that all these plans will go to waste if there would be leakages in the use of government funds.

"I was just hoping that he would have made a stronger statement on anti-corruption. Zero tolerance for corruption would have been a good statement this early. So that everybody would know that he means business, that he is for good governance," he said.

"He did mention the rightsizing bill, fine, but okay, you rightsize but if the corruption continues and the leakage in the use of limited government resources is going to continue, then you will continue to have very poor services," Singson added.