WATCH: Anti-bullying anthems resurface amid viral Ateneo incident


Posted at Dec 22 2018 01:03 AM

Amid the viral bullying incident involving Ateneo junior high school students, songs that advocate against bullying have re-surfaced among Filipinos on social media, particularly those that launched with campaigns calling for vigilance and values education among children.

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“Katulad Ng Iba,” performed by Gloc-9 and Zia Quizon and released in 2013, is sung from the perspectives of the bullied and the parents, and goes on to address those who bully and the society at large.

Quizon has made no secret of her experience being bullied in school, saying in an interview about the music video that she ended up transferring schools every year to avoid her bullies, as opposed to seeking help from an authority figure.

She said performing “Katulad Ng Iba” was her way of using music as a tool to inspire courage among those who are bullied to silence, and to spread awareness that bullying is a social problem that can be addressed proactively.

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The rock band Sponge Cola similarly came out with an anti-bullying anthem in 2014, in collaboration with Denise Bardacena and Gloc-9.

“Anting-Anting,” which depicted numerous instances of bullying in its music video, is addressed directly to victims of bullying, with a message about hope and self-empowerment.