WATCH: Sesame Street turns 'Despacito' into a song about rubber duckies


Posted at Aug 29 2017 05:35 PM

Love it or hate it, "Despacito" is everywhere --and that now includes Sesame Street. 

Earlier this week, the pop culture savvy children's show unveiled an adorable parody of the summer smash from Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee, having Ernie turn it into a ode to his rubber duckie. 

The clip, dubbed "El Patito," which is Spanish for rubber duckie, has Ernie singing and gushing about his favorite bath toy, while a reluctant Bert scoffs, "Oh no, not this song again." 

But after a minute or so, even Bert could not help but admit that, "Hey, that song's actually pretty catchy!" 

"Despacito" is one of the biggest hits of this year. Here in the Philippines, it spawned covers from Jake Zyrus, Darren Espanto, and Kristel Fulgar, as well as a parody from comedian Mikey Bustos.