More than half of adult Filipinos willing to get COVID-19 vaccine if available: SWS


Posted at Nov 19 2020 11:49 PM

In this file photo taken on August 13, 2020, a lab technician sorts blood samples for a COVID-19 vaccination study at the Research Centers of America in Hollywood, Florida. Chandan Khanna, AFP/File photo

MANILA - Sixty-six percent of adult Filipinos are willing to get vaccinated against COVID-19 if a vaccine is currently available, a Social Weather Stations (SWS) phone survey revealed. 

The survey, conducted September 17-20, 2020, showed that 32 percent of Filipinos said they will "definitely" get the vaccine while 34 percent said they would "probably" get the vaccine, for a total of 66 percent.

Thirty-one percent of those surveyed said they are unwilling to get the COVID-19 vaccine. Of this percentage, 14 percent said they "probably" won't get the vaccine, while 17 percent said they "definitely" would not get the vaccine.

The survey also found that Filipinos are more willing to get the vaccine against COVID-19, compared to a similar survey in 2019 involving the Dengvaxia vaccine.

According to SWS, a 2019 survey asked Filipinos whether the sale of the Dengvaxia vaccine should be allowed in the Philippines, of which 62 percent said it should be disallowed in the country.

Only 42 percent of respondents were willing to get the Dengvaxia vaccine at that time.

The survey, likewise, showed that more people from Mindanao are willing to get the vaccine at 73 percent, compared to 69 percent in the Visayas, 64 percent in Metro Manila and 61 percent in Balance Luzon.

The willingness to get the vaccine is also higher among men and those from the younger groups.

Seventy-one percent of men are willing to get the vaccine, compared to 60 percent of women.

The willingness to get vaccinated against COVID-19 is also higher among those aged 25 to 30 years old compared to other age groups.

A total of 1,249 adult Filipinos 18 years old and above participated in the National Mobile Phone Survey, which was conducted using a mobile phone and computer-assisted telephone interviewing. 

SWS said Filipino's willingness to get the vaccine is between that of New Zealand (74 percent) and the United States (59 percent).

The data from New Zealand is based on a survey conducted by the Massey University from June 26 to July 13, 2020, while the data from the United States is based on surveys by the Pew Research Center and Gallup.

The survey has a sampling error margin of ±3% for national percentages, ±6% for Metro Manila, ±5% for Balance Luzon, ±6% for the Visayas, and ±6% for Mindanao.

Respondents were asked the question: "Kung mayroong bakunang makakapigil sa Covid-19 sa ngayon, kayo ba ay… (Talagang magpapabakuna, Malamang magpapabakuna, Malamang na hindi magpapabakuna, Talagang hindi magpapabakuna)? [If a vaccine to prevent Covid-19 were available today, would you… (Definitely get the vaccine, Probably get the vaccine, Probably not get the vaccine, Definitely not get the vaccine)]”. 

It is patterned after the Pew Research Center surveys in the US, conducted from April 29 to May 5, 2020 and September 8-13, 2020.

An earlier SWS survey also showed that 80 percent of Filipinos are expecting the COVID-19 vaccine to be available soon.

Pfizer Inc said on Wednesday that final results from the late-stage trial of its COVID-19 vaccine show it was 95% effective, adding it had the required two-months of safety data and would apply for emergency U.S. authorization within days.

The final analysis comes just one week after initial results from the trial showed the vaccine was more than 90% effective. Moderna Inc. on Monday released preliminary data for its vaccine, showing similar effectiveness.

The Department of Health (DOH), however, said that two of the COVID-19 vaccine frontrunners are not interested in conducting clinical trials in the Philippines but are open to distribution here.

“Pfizer and Moderna, they do not intend to have clinical trials here in the country,” Health Undersecretary Maria Rosario Vergeire said during a virtual briefing.


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