PNP Chief on 'Ang Probinsyano' plot: Show a little respect


Posted at Nov 15 2018 07:25 PM

MANILA - The country's top cop is seeking a dialogue with the producers of the hit ABS-CBN series "FPJ's Ang Probinsyano," amid what he believes is an unfair portrayal of the police force.

After making some observations, Philippine National Police Chief, Director General Oscar Albayalde said he believes the show's portrayal of the country's police force has poorly affected their image.

In the TV series, "Cardo," the protagonist played by Coco Martin, is a good policeman. But the current story arc also features corruption in the police force, led by no less than the PNP chief. 

"When you involve the chief PNP himself, it will drag the whole organization already na kung ginagawa no less than the chief PNP, he is a villain what would you expect," he said. 

The PNP chief said the negative portrayal will also leave a bad impression, especially because the show use police uniform in the show.

"They wear our uniform, otherwise kung ibang units sana or not the PNP. They are wearing the uniform. Yun lang naman ang sa
atin, a little respect probably," Albayalde said.

"Remember, merong kasabihan na kung anong nakikita ng bata na ginagawa ng nakakatanda sa mata ng bata ay parang tama, hindi ba?" he added.

ABS-CBN already assured the PNP chief that it has placed proper disclaimers before every episode of the show, saying all the characters and events in the program are purely fictitious.

"Alam naman natin almost all naman na pinapalabas natin are fictions. Ang sa atin naman dito yung tinatawag natin na social responsibility," Albayalde said.

"Let me one thing clear here, wala po kaming request na ipatigil ito. What we want to is audience lang so we can give our views also at hindi lang naman kami," he added.

Martin has said he wanted to meet Albyalde to discuss the issue.


The full statement of ABS-CBN can be read below: 

"'FPJ's Ang Probinsyano' assures the Philippine National Police that the characters, places, and incidents in the program are purely fictitious as stated in the disclaimer aired at the start of the show every night. There is no intention to smear the reputation of any organization or portray any person in a negative light.

"The program has also portrayed its main character, Cardo, as a hardworking police officer dedicated to saving lives and serving his fellowmen. As in the past years, 'FPJAP' has highlighted that good shall always triumph over evil and has shared valuable lessons and family values that have resonated with viewers."