Korean man, Filipina partner arrested for staging fake kidnapping

Nony Basco, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Sep 28 2019 10:14 PM

NUMANCIA, Aklan - A South Korean man and his Filipina girlfriend were arrested by authorities Saturday after they staged a fake kidnapping here.

Yoo Jin-Woon, 38, allegedly told his family in South Korea that he was kidnapped and being held for ransom.

"He just sent pictures to his mother in Korea na he was tied, he was kidnapped, and then the kidnappers are asking for a $5,000 to his mother," Police Maj. Nestor Acebuche of Anti Kidnapping Group told reporters.

The police located Yoo at the residence of his lover, Florefe Mae Bolido, in Barangay Camanci Norte. To their surprise, he was not being held against his will as he had claimed.

"He confessed personally to me. He said that it was just a false story and he was just joking to his mother in Korea because of their needs of money here in the Philippines," said Acebuche.

Yoo and Bolido were taken in custody and charged with unjust vexation.